2020 Swim Team Information

Even though the Northern Virginia Swimming League has cancelled the season, there will still be an Overlee swim team this summer.  Of course, swim team will be different this summer.  We are going to do our best to have practices and meets, both of which will look different than in past years. We are still working out the details for both practices and meets to be sure that they conform to Governor Northam’s orders.  But, here’s what we know now:

1.  Because of the need for social distancing, there will not be a School of Fish this summer. 

2.  There will be a swim team!  Swim team is open to all children who are proficient enough in swimming that they can swim at least two consecutive lengths of freestyle and one length of backstroke.  This proficiency requirement is because we cannot have coaches in the pool to work with the children due to social distancing requirements.  If you are unsure of whether your child is able to meet this requirement, please contact us.

3.  Swim team registration opens today.  We have reduced the costs somewhat in recognition of the changes in the summer season.  Please note that there will not be a swim team photo this year (due to social distancing) and that we are not ordering swim caps.  Here is the registration link:  


4.  In terms of practice, we anticipate that we will begin practices when Arlington is in Stage 2 of reopening.  The practice sessions will be limited in size to ensure compliance with Stage 2 requirements.  The coaches are working out how to conduct these practice sessions and we will have more details as we get closer to Stage 2.  Right now, we are considering options such as having smaller practice groups with shorter practice times or practicing on alternating days.  In terms of times for practices, we are not yet sure about the schedule – please be prepared for the schedule to be somewhat different than what we have done in the past.  

5.  In terms of meets, we are working with other local teams to set up swim meets.  These will not be like traditional swim meets because of the need to limit the number of people.  We are considering options such as having meets that are broken up by age group.  For example, the 8 & Unders would have a “meet” with another group of 8 & Unders from another pool.  After that “meet” is finished, there would be a “meet” for 9-10s.  No matter how we organize these “meets,” please be aware that it is extremely unlikely that any parents will be allowed as spectators for these meets – again, due to social distancing requirements.

6.  SWAG!  Just a reminder that our Online Merchandise Store is open and waiting for you!  We’ve got tons of super cool stuff including swim bags, slides, parkas, sweatshirts, half-zips, visors, pajama bottoms, leggings, as well as our iconic Overlee baseball hat.  Plus, we have BIG NEWS (drumroll please): we are extending our deadline to May 31st, which is less than two weeks away. Happy Shopping! Here’s the link:


7.  Swim team suits and t-shirts.  We do have swim team suits available at SportFair.  They are not required.  We will also have t-shirts – and this is the last call for t-shirt slogans!  Please send them ASAP!  Otherwise, you’ll be stuck with the very unfunny ideas that your non-creative team reps come up with. 

We hope to have a fun time in the water this summer with our flying fish!  Please be patient as we sort out how to get our swimmers in the water!  If you have questions, comments, or ideas for t-shirts, please email us at [email protected].

Go flying fish!

Margaux Callahan and Nancy Modesitt
Swim team reps