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Check this page for answers to your membership questions.  Please review information below and on links above.  If you have any membership questions not answered on the web, you can contact Maureen McManus at [email protected].

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Membership Renewals

Membership Renewals begin soon after the General Membership Meeting in mid February and will be done via your Overlee Online Account. If you’ve forgotten your login or password, just use the “Forget Your Password?” link on the Account login page. Check out the Membership & Renewals page for more info.

Family Pictures

Please email family pictures to [email protected] if you have not done so.  More information can be found here.

Membership Cards

All members will reuse cards from last year. Replacement fee is $5 for lost or missing cards. If you change your membership type and need a different card, they will be issued at no cost. (for example if you buy extended season pass one year but not the next) Please help Overlee save money and recycle old cards at the front desk for reuse.  Please contact Maureen McManus at [email protected] to request replacement card and send check to POBox 5346, Arlington, VA, 22205.

Membership Directory

The Overlee Directory will be mailed to each Active Member by end of June. If you notice errors or changes for your contact info, please email changes to [email protected].

The Directory will have advertisements to help defray the cost of production. If you’d like to advertise in next year’s directory, please click here for more info or email [email protected].

If you prefer NOT to be listed in the directory, please contact Maureen McManus at [email protected]

The Directory is also available online and in a mobile app! Check here for more info.

Member News

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