Adult Swim Clinics in August

To further support adult swimmers at Overlee, we will be offering one-hour swim clinics. All swimmers in clinics will be given instruction on skills related to the topic with ample opportunity for practice and feedback. Dr. Joan Mountain Elliott, former coach of Overlee swim team from 2003 to 2013, will be teaching these one-hour clinics for Overlee members.
Each clinic is limited to 8 swimmers.
Clinics are FREE to Overlee members. Sign-up sheets will be in the breezeway near the manager’s office starting on Tuesday, August 2nd.  The clinics are held in the lap pool. We are alternating daytime and evening clinics.

  • Wednesday, August 2nd, 7:00PM (Clinic full; wait list started) – Breathing in Swimming: This clinic will teach you proper breathing techniques as you swim and how to position your body for easier breathing in freestyle in order to improve your stamina and speed as you swim.
  • Wednesday, August 9th, 11:00AM – 10 Excellent Exercises for the Pool: Pool exercises can improve agility, balance, and cardiovascular fitness. From water jogging to deep water bicycle, come learn about exercises recommended by the American Physical Therapy Association.
  • Monday, August 14th, 7:00PM – Freestyle: Do you wonder about your body position in the water as you swim? This clinic will focus on technique in freestyle, and how to be a more streamlined and efficient swimmer.
  • Wednesday, August 23rd, 11:00AM – Backstroke Did you know that in backstroke, like freestyle, you should be rotating your shoulders and core from side to side with your head not moving? Are you unsure of how to move your arms in the water? This clinic will focus on technique in backstroke technique.
  • Wednesday, August 30th, 7:00PM – Breaststroke: Streamline, streamline, streamline. Come to this clinic to learn how to get the most out of each stroke in breaststroke.

We hope you will come and try out one of the clinics! If you have specific questions, Joan can be reached at

Each Friday evening, Adult Swim Lessons are offered from 8:00PM – 8:45PM in the lap pool. Whether you’re an experienced or beginner swimmer, you will receive personal tips to improve your swimming from the experienced swim instructor Kathy Koczyk. And it’s free to OVL members.