Adult Swim Clinics Offered

To further support adult swimmers at Overlee, we will be offering two swim clinic opportunities. We hope you will come try them out and find ways to improve your swimming. And both clinics are FREE to Overlee members!

New Adult Swim Clinics to Be Offered Beginning This Week
New group clinics limited to eight swimmers will begin this week. Our first clinics will be on balance in the water and better breathing, with other topics possibly added later. All swimmers in clinics will be given instruction on skills related to the topic with ample opportunity for practice and feedback.

Dr. Joan Mountain Elliott, former coach of Overlee swim team from 2003 to 2013, will be teaching these one-hour clinics for Overlee members. She will be combining her 23 years of experience in physical therapy as a movement specialist and her coaching experience to give members an opportunity to learn new skills in the water.

Each clinic is limited to 8 swimmers. 
Clinics are FREE to Overlee members.
Sign up sheets are posted at the front and back gates and in the breezeway near the manager’s office.
The clinics will be held in the lap pool.
We will alternate daytime and evening clinics to accommodate those who work.

The following swim clinics will be held the first two weeks:
Wednesday, July 2611:00 am: Balance in the water: Learning to find your balance for more effective and less strenuous swimming
How often do you feel as though you are pulling an anchor with you as you move through the water? This clinic will give you guidance with balancing your body in the water, an important first step to efficient swimming.
Wednesday, August 2nd, 7:00 pm.: Breathing in Swimming: Learning how to breathe in freestyle to allow for the ability to swim with ease. 
How often do you find yourself holding your breath as you swim? Do you sometimes stop after several lengths feeling out of breath but physically knowing you can do more? This clinic will teach you proper breathing techniques as you swim and how to position your body for easier breathing in freestyle in order to improve your stamina and speed as you swim.

We hope you will come and try out one of the clinics! If you have specific questions, Joan can be reached at

Friday Night Swim Clinics
Each Friday evening, an Adult Swim Clinic is held  from 8:00 – 8:45 pm in the lap pool. All levels are welcome. You will receive personal tips to improve your swimming from the very experienced swim instructor Kathy Koczyk. Whether you’re an experienced or beginner swimmer, Kathy has tips and suggestions for everyone no matter what your level. And it’s free to OVL members.