August Pass- July 28 Update

We’re only a few days away from August 1st, so here’s some updated info to get you ready for the pool:

A couple steps BEFORE you can enter Overlee:

  • sign and submit August Pass Agreement
  • provide or pose for Family Photo
  • pose for Individual Photos
  • pick up August Pass Cards
  • enjoy Overlee!
Sign August Pass Release and Agreement

In order to ensure that August Pass users abide by the same rules as General Members and are subject to the same general release and waiver, an Adult family member must sign to receive cards.*

  • August Pass Release and Agreement in now online! (download here)
  • You may sign and email Agreement to
  • Or sign Agreement at the FRONT DESK beginning August 1st

*If after reading the agreement you decide not to sign, Overlee will refund your August Pass Fees and NO cards will be issued.

Family Photo

Each family will need to email a family photo showing the face of all family members who were registered online to

This can be done PRIOR to August 1st OR can be taken at the FRONT DESK on your first admission.  (Photos are used only for entry to pool and are not shared with anyone)

Individual Photos

Each family member registered for a card may need to have their individual photo taken for validation.  This will be done by Overlee staff on the first visit to the pool at the FRONT DESK. (Photos are used only for entry to pool and are not shared with anyone)

Enjoying Overlee

Once you have completed the steps above, just show your cards to enter Overlee:

  • For the FIRST WEEK, please enter at the Front Desk that faces John Marshall Drive.  (If you go to back gate, you’ll have to walk around parking lot to Front Desk, sorry)  Our staff will help complete steps above and get you your cards!
  • Please read and follow the Rules.  Our guards are there for your safety, please follow their direction.  Ask a manager or guard not on the stand any questions.
  • Check the web for Inclement Weather closings
  • Check the web for August Pass News
  • If your cards are lost or stolen, check first at the FRONT DESK or contact Maureen McManus at

The pools are perfect temperature and the decks and terraces are perfect for lounging and enjoying summer fun!  We look forward to seeing you at the pool!