Board Seeking Nominees for New Directors

If the Overlee Community Association is a special place for you and your family and you want to help shape Overlee’s continued success and future, then please consider nominating yourself or a friend for the Overlee Board of Directors!

 The Overlee Board of Directors is looking for members who would be interested in serving on the Board. A nominating committee has been formed to recruit and recommend a slate of candidates to the general membership for election to the Board. The slate of candidates – along with a ballot – will be published in the July newsletter, with votes counted and election results announced at the July/Summer General Membership Meeting on July 28, 2016.

The nominating committee is seeking Overlee members who are willing to be part of the organization’s governing body. Board members are expected to attend a monthly Board meeting and be responsible for overseeing an aspect of Overlee’s operations, such as communications, grounds and facilities, developmental and competitive teams, clubhouse rentals, strategic planning, and more. Board members also serve on board committees that examine, discuss and recommend policies or programs to the Board-at-large for decision .A full description of the Board’s roles and responsibilities can be found in the By-Laws.

Board members are elected by the general membership, serve three-year terms and are unpaid. Those individuals who would like to be nominated to run for the Board must be an Overlee member (not a dependent of a member) with an active membership and submit a bio to be printed in the July newsletter. Once a slate is finalized and the July newsletter is sent, each Overlee member household can vote in one of two ways (with one vote per household): either by returning the ballot via mail or by attending the Summer Membership Meeting and voting in person. There will be three (3) open Board seats up for vote at the Summer Membership Meeting.

Mary Bohan and Cathy Ventura-Merkel are serving on this year’s Nominating Committee. Members interested in serving on the Board, recommending someone for the Board or who just want to ask questions about what it means to be a Board member should contact Mary and Cathy at