New Board Members Elected at July Membership Meeting

Congratulations to the Board members who were elected at the Annual Membership Meeting that was held last night. Current Board members Andrea Furrow, Mike Maleski, Megan McMorrow and Todd Murdock were re-elected, and Michael Bruce and Molly Ketcham were elected as new Board members. Thank you to all of the candidates who ran. Retiring Board members, Alan Eisenberg and Grant Yoder, were thanked and recognized for their service to Overlee, Overlee members who attended the meeting heard updates on operations and activities and had the opportunity to ask questions and share their thoughts with the Board. Thanks to all who braved the rain to attend!


Ballot for Board of Directors Election July 2018


Print out then mail, drop at the front desk, or bring to July 25th meeting 
Be sure to go to the bottom of this post and click PRINT.

Voting Procedures:

  • One ballot per household. All ballots MUST be signed by an adult member of the member household.
  • Completed ballots may be submitted in any of the following ways BUT NOT ELECTRONICALLY.

Ballots can be:

  1. Mailed to: Overlee Nominating Committee, P.O. Box 5346, Arlington, VA 22205;
  2. Dropped off in the box at the front desk;
  3. Brought to the membership meeting before 6:45 pm.

All ballots MUST be received by 6:45 pm July 25th, 2018.

Candidates – Choose up to 6 (** previous Board service)

_______ Michael Bruce

_______ Andrea Furrow**

_______ Molly Ketcham
_______ Mike Maleski**
_______ Megan McMorrow**
_______ Todd Murdock**
_______ Josh Roe
_______ Billy Simons

______________________________________________________ (Write-in)                            

_____________________________________________________ Printed Name  



A printable copy of the ballot can be found here: 

Download (PDF, 88KB)