Congratulations to Overlee’s divisional divers!

Overlee divers showed some impressive diving at last Sunday’s divisional championship meet.  The team earned the highest amount of  points out of all of the teams represented at the divisional meet, earning them the divisional team champion award, which is a new NVSL award starting this season.

See below for results from the meet.  The top 3 divers from each age group qualified for the All Star meet which will take place at Oakton this coming Sunday at 8 am.

Freshman girls

Michayla Eisenberg  1st place

Abbey Shumsky 2nd place

Avery Stoker 6th place

Freshman Boys

Chris Cobey 2nd place

Junior Girls

Sophia Bailey 3rd place

Junior boys

Matthew Kress 2nd place

Intermediate Girls

Laine Stoker 2nd place

Lara Sunter 8th place

Senior girls

Hannah Karlin 1st place

Annika Creedon 2nd place

Emily Hay 6th place

Senior boys

Jonathan Teitelbaum 3rd place

Thomas Hassett 5th place