Dive Team Update

Informational Meeting for New Dive Families: Information for new dive families or families interested in learning about the dive team will be shared at an informational meeting on Thursday, April 21st from 6:30 – 7:30 pm in the conference room at the Overlee Clubhouse. (The conference room is on the second floor and can be reached by taking the stairs at the far end of the clubhouse; on the side farthest away from Lee Highway.) All skill levels welcome! Note: Seasoned dive team parents do not need to attend this meeting.
Dive Meet and Practice Schedules are on the website under the dive/schedules link. The registration and volunteer sign-up links will be available on the Overlee website in early May.
Questions? Please email Tammy Stoker with any questions pertaining to the dive team at ttstoker@gmail.com