The forms below must be on file for every employee prior to their first day of work. 

  • All accepted employees receive an offer letter that includes the required paperwork for all employees. You will sign your offer letter at a paperwork open house in March or if you can not attend you can email a signed copy of both pages.
  • All of the forms are linked below. Please complete the forms, and turn in by March 17th.
  • All 14-15 year old employees need to complete the Online Work Permit process detailed below (even if you are returning). WE WILL NOT ACCEPT PAPERWORK PERMIT APPLICATIONS.  Overlee requires many more lifeguards than attendants each season. 
  • All 15 year old lifeguards & coaches must complete a Swim Instructor Safety Course 
  • Do NOT drop off paperwork to Overlee outside of the designated paperwork open houses. If you are unable to attend please contact Melissa Carbonara, to arrange an alternate time.

Open House for Forms Questions

To streamline this process for our staff, we are offering Open Houses to check LG Certifications and Required Paperwork.  These are going to be held:

  • March 3rd from 11am-5pm
  • March 10th from 11am-5pm
  • March 17th from 11am-5pm

There will be a sign up for available slots coming soon.  These dates and times are tentative and are subject to change.  Please check back to make sure of the dates and times.

Come in to turn in paperwork before the meeting, get the work permit process started, check your certs, or just come in to ask questions!

There will be a mandatory Staff meeting on May 19 from 5:00pm – 7:00pm.  


I – 9 with qualifying IDs
Federal Tax form – W-4
State Tax form – VA-4
Background Check
Emergency Contact Form
Direct Deposit Form – if you worked for us before and nothing has changed, you do not need to fill out a new one


Virginia Employment Certificate
(Work Permit)
14 – 15
  • You cannot work without Employment Certificate on file.
  • Lifeguards – a work permit cannot be processed until the class is completed.  Do not register for a work permit until May.
    1. The employee registers on the Department of Labor work permit website and receives a Youth Identifier Pin.
    2. The employee turns in YIP number, and proof of age (if not on file already) to
  1. Employer step is completed by the Hiring Manager.
  2. The department of labor notifies the parent that the Parent Guardian Custodian Registration step must be completed.
  3. Work Permit completion notification is sent to Overlee Community Association by the Department of Labor.
  4. The permit is printed by Overlee, signed by the employee, and filed by Overlee.
  • You must follow rules outlined here: VA DOLI website.
  • The process may take more than a week.
  • Further Questions FAQ
Swim Instructor Certificate 15
  • Required of all 15 yo Guards, Instructors & Coaches
  • Class is online under kid lessons – take combo class 102/103
  • fee reimbursed by Overlee (up to $50)