End of Season Membership Reminders

MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL NOTICES:  Notices will be emailed to all members in early- to mid-February following approval of the annual budget at the General Membership meeting.  Payments for renewal of active memberships will be due March 1.
EMAIL ADDRESSES:  It is very important to keep the email addresses in your membership profile up-to-date.  All Overlee communication with members is done via email.  In the off season, please update your address in your account profile to ensure that you receive your membership renewal notification and other member announcements.
KEEP YOUR MEMBERSHIP CARDS!   Your cards will be re-activated when you renew your membership. There is a $5 fee per card if you need to replace them.  There is no charge for new cards if you purchase a different type of membership such as changing from a regular season card to an extended season. Please contact members@overlee.org  if you have any questions or comments relating to your Overlee membership.