To reserve the Overlee Club Room (1st floor) or Conference Room (2nd floor)

  1. Check the Clubhouse Calendar (for available times & dates)
  2. Review and sign the Rental Agreement below.  Note members must first login to see the private event rates below.
  3. Complete and submit payment on this page below the Rental Agreement

Rental Agreement

This Rental Agreement (“Agreement”) is made and entered into on the date of acceptance by the Renter, by and between Overlee Community Association (“Owner”) and the Renter identified below (“Renter”). By renting the Overlee Clubhouse facility, Renter agrees to comply with this Agreement and the cleaning checklist. Renter agrees to be responsible for the actions of all guests and attendees during the event.

Rental Window: Renter shall adhere to the rental window and vacate the clubhouse and parking lot at the agreed upon time. The clubhouse must be left in the condition it was received. Any additional time required beyond the rental window shall be subject to additional charges.

Nonmember Guest List: Renter agrees to provide a complete nonmember guest list to Owner no later than 24 hours prior to the event. Renter shall pay for the number of nonmember guests above the included 25 guests. Payment can be made at the time of the event at the front desk. This list should be sent via email to

Prohibited Behavior:

  1. Excessive drinking.
  2. Excessive noise that disturbs the neighbors.
  3. No bars are to be set up outside.
  4. Amplified music is not allowed outdoors.
  5. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the property, including the deck area and parking lot.

Please note that failure to comply with any of the above rules may result in the immediate termination of the rental agreement, and may result in partial or full forfeiture of your deposit.

Prohibited Areas: Renter and all attendees shall refrain from using the grassy area, the pool deck out of season or outside of operating hours, the bathhouse, or any other areas prohibited by Owner.

Cleaning Checklist: Renter shall complete the cleaning checklist provided by Owner and return the clubhouse to the condition it was received. Failure to comply with this requirement shall result in additional cleaning fees.

Club Room (1st floor)
Conference Room (2nd floor)
Fees – Private Event

Members must login before viewing this page to see the private event rates below.

  • In-Season (main pools are open): Mon-Thu $325; Fri-Sun $425
  • Off-season (main pools are closed):  Mon-Thu $275; Fri-Sun $325
$100 ($25 per additional prearranged hour)
Fees- Public Event
  • Event advertised to general public requires disclosure by renter and board approval
  • Off-season only (main pools are closed) $500
  • Refundable Cleaning Deposit $250
  • Renter will be limited to Clubhouse
Rental period Minimum 5 hours  (inclusive of set-up & clean-up)
Minimum 2 hours (inclusive of set up & clean up)
Blockout Periods
  • Memorial Day weekend,
  • July 4th/weekend (if it falls over a weekend),
  • Day of Crab Feast (see Calendar)
  • Labor Day weekend.
Available Space and Description
  • Space w/high ceilings & pool terrace doors
  • 1st floor restrooms
  • Catering Kitchen (no stoves)
  • Upper center Terrace (in-season)
  • One dedicated gas grill
  • Pool privileges for 25 non-members (in-season)
  • Chairs and tables for use (but you may need to rent additional). Tablecloths are recommended.
  • Capacity guidelines:  123 standing, 100 theater, 81-88 banquet rounds, 55 school room (food stations will decrease these numbers)
  • Set up time is included in rental period.
  • 2nd floor room with elevator access
  • 2nd floor restroom
  • No access to Club Room or Catering Kitchen
  • Some chairs and tables for use (but you may need to rent additional)
  • Capacity guidelines:  35 standing, 14 board room, 22-24 banquet rounds (food stations will decrease these numbers)
Cleaning Checklist Club Room and Conference Room

  • Floor vacuumed or moped
  • Chairs and tables wiped, folded and put away (stored in center closet in Club Room) or placed back as received (Conference Room)
  • Bathrooms cleaned
  • Trash and recycling emptied into respective dumpsters

Clubhouse Kitchen:

  • Countertops cleaned
  • Refrigerator cleaned out
  • Remove all of renter’s items from kitchen and Clubhouse

Deck Area (included with Clubhouse rental):

  • Chairs and tables wiped and straightened
  • Picnic tables and chairs arranged as before
  • Gas grill turned off and closed
Cleaning Assessment
  • Return room and deck area in clean condition, all clean up time is included in rental period.  $250 assessment if cleaning required after use.
  • Cleaning supplies in the right closet in Club Room and the closet in the Conference Room

Liability: Renter agrees to assume all liability for any damage or injury caused by Renter or attendees during the event. Renter shall indemnify and hold the Owner harmless from any and all claims, damages, or expenses arising from Renter’s use of the Overlee clubhouse.

Entire Agreement: This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between Owner and Renter and supersedes all prior or contemporaneous agreements or understandings, whether written or oral.