Keeping OVL Green (Grounds)

Overlee Gardens need Volunteers

We can always use help from members who like to garden.  You can get involved by:

Each year the grounds committee & volunteers work to maintain and improve our landscape by:  adding plants to our flower beds, removing invasive species (like ivy and bamboo), replacing dead plants with native species, adding trees and bushes to reduce light and noise pollution for our neighbors, and managing storm water to keep our rivers and bays healthy.

Commitment to Greenspace

Overlee is situated on 4 acres of property adjacent to the John Marshall Greenway.  One of the major goals in our master site planning was keeping our Green Assets- our mature trees and lush landscaping.  The Long Range Planning Committee:

  • sited buildings, parking lots and retaining walls to preserve large oaks and maples
  • coordinated with County during storm water improvement project to save large sycamores
  • implemented landscape designs to replace plants removed by construction with hardy, native species

Our Members value the green oasis which surrounds our pools and facilities.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
  • Reduce water usage by keeping showers short (plus reduce energy to heat the water!)
  • Reuse your own water bottle and reduce plastic bottles (Water fountains located by women’s locker room)
  • Recycle empty cans, bottles and cardboard in blue recycling bins (Please place all trash in proper containers)

See Recycling Do’s & Don’ts for more info.