Schools in the Pools

Schools in the Pools

End-of-Year Pool Parties

at Overlee!


From late May through end-of-school in June, School Groups (grades 3-12) can have access to Overlee Pools, terraces and picnic facilities for $6/student and can reserve Clubhouse* for teachers and chaperones for $150. (*if available)

School Groups with at least 125 students reserve a day in late May or June when pool is closed to members (8am-1pm) and have a pool party with lunch in our picnic areas. Schools provide lunch.

**Groups under 125 students may be combined with another school group to meet the requirement. If your group is much smaller or cannot be combined, the Large Group Rules apply for parties during normal Operating Hours and may require clubhouse rental.

An Active Overlee Member must sponsor the group and take responsibility for signing any necessary contracts, providing an accurate list of all students and chaperones, and providing payment of the group’s fee at the front desk. The member has to be at the event for its duration.

All school groups must provide:

  • $150 Deposit
  • Certificate of Insurance naming Overlee Community Association as Additionally Insured. *Overlee has received this for 2020*
  • Chaperones- One adult chaperone for every 10 children/teenagers. (Sorry, no siblings.)
  • Guest List of all adults and children (with ages)
  • Payment in the form of ONE check for total guest fees

To Reserve an end-of-year party for your school group:

Reservations and other arrangements should be made at least 2 weeks in advance of the event.  (No reservations will be taken prior to 9 am on March 1.)

No refunds will be made unless Overlee receives notification of cancellation at least two weeks in advance of scheduled event.

If you have further questions, email [email protected]

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