Strategic Planning

Check back for info on Overlee’s Strategic Planning committee.

The next big project is review of the Bath House.  Look for info on committee forming soon.

Previous Long Range Planning projects:

 Project News  Pics
tbd-2016 Bathhouse Renovation
 2013-2009  New Clubhouse, Terraces & Grounds ConstructionBlog
2012-2009 New Main, Social & Baby Pools ConstructionBlog
2007 LRPC Member Survey
 2006-2002 Lap Pool yard to meter conversion & Baby Pool renovation



2002 Zoning Research
 2000  Slide installed (High Dive removed)  NewsJune2000
 2000-1999 Street-scaping on John Marshall & Lee Highway  NewsMay2000
1998 Bath House Renovation  schematic

OVL Bathhouse construction Nov 1998

 1998  Outlot A Easement
1967 Bath House Built (2nd) overlee 1968 may bathhouse scan 1 -a


2nd Bathouse as seen from John Marshall Drive

1966  Lap Pool & Baby Pool Built MemberApproval The New Pool 25 Yards around 1967
 1965  Garage Built
 1964  6020 Lee Hwy Purchased .

6020 Lee Hwy Exterior front

1959 Bath House enlarged (1st) .

The Original Bathouse in the background

1957  Main Pool & Bath House Built
1948 Kincheloe Family- Crestwood .

OVL 1949 historic aerial map


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