Lap Pool Usage Rules for Members

Everyone must adhere to the following rules or Overlee may need to curtail time slots to 25 minutes to prevent overlap and issues

  1. Swimmers are required to keep track of the time and exit prior to the end of the session.  Lifeguards are only responsible to protect and watch the pool, NOT to manage swimmers or ensure they are following the time slot rules.  Talking to the lifeguards at any time while on duty is not allowed unless it’s an emergency.
  2. Whenever possible, lifeguards/managers on duty will announce 5-minute and 2-minute warnings so swimmers can prepare to exit.  A long whistle occurs at the 30-minute mark when all swimmers for the new time slot may enter the water.  
  3. Open lap lanes are given out 5 minutes after the start of the time slot.  If a swimmer checks in at the Front Entrance after 5 minutes but before the end of the time slot session, he/she will be given his/her lane.  
  4. No lanes will be filled with a swimmer with less than 10 minutes left in the time slot unless it’s the swimmer who signed up.
  5. If you have issues/questions while onsite, please speak directly to Greg York or one of the Assistant Managers.  Do not approach or speak with a lifeguard at any time while he/she is on duty.