Lap Swimming Guidelines/Etiquette

We just wanted to remind everyone of Overlee’s lap swimming guidelines. These rules are particularly important during busy times.

  • Above all, please be considerate of the fact that our lap swimmers represent a wide ranges of ages and abilities.
  • If you are swimming and the pool is crowded, please be open to circle swimming so that others can also use the pool.
  • Please come during slower times if you don’t like circle swimming.
  • Pick your lane according to your speed. Faster swimmers in middle lanes; slower in outside lanes. Most importantly, Change lanes if necessary.
  • Always inform other swimmer/swimmers in the lane when you enter.
  • When circle swimming, slower swimmers should stop at end of the lane to allow faster swimmers to pass.
  • During busy times, we ask that water runners and noodle-users use the outside lanes and go in single-file.
  • Kickboards, paddles, water running belts and noodles are permitted in the lap pool.
  • The lap pool should not be used for general swim instruction.
  • Most importantly, keep it fun!

Contact with question, comments or suggestions.