Lap Swimming Reminders

With the full season starting and more hot temps in the forecast, more of us will be enjoying lap swimming in the lap and main pools. We wanted to remind everyone of some key lap swimming guidelines.

  • Above all, please be considerate of the fact that our lap swimmers represent wide ranges of ages and abilities.
  • Circle swimming is expected during peak times. Please come during slower times if you don’t like circle swimming.
  • Be considerate of swimmers with disabilities or special needs.
  • Pick your lane according to your speed. Change lanes if necessary.
  • Slower swimmers, rest at ends to allow faster swimmers to pass.
  • Fins, pull buoys, paddles, and kick-boards are permitted, but should be used with care and consideration of others. Other training devices permitted only at the lifeguard’s discretion.
  • Keep it fun!

More info can be found in Lap Swimming Etiquette