Group Dive Lessons

Online Registration

For 2018, Overlee is using online registration ONLY for all sessions. If you registered in the past for Overlee summer lessons, swim team, school of fish, or winter swim, please use that profile again (Don’t create a new profile) The registration screen has links to help if you forgot your password or the email you used previously.

After a very successful pilot session last summer, group dive lessons will be offered to Members aged 5-14 in the mornings beginning the week of June 25, and we’d love to have you!  (Sorry no non-member dive lessons will be offerd at this time)

Dive lessons will be tailored to each individual diver, ensuring that everyone has a positive, enriching experience. Plus, any skill level is welcome, so whether you’ve been diving all your life or you just passed the swim test, you’ll feel at home!

Our instructors are caring, responsible young adults who are experienced in diving and coach the Overlee Dive Team.


  • Registration online begins March 1st
  • Held weekly Monday – Thursday*
  • Starting week after APS schools are out

*Week of July 4th will have classes Monday-Wednesday thru Friday


  • morning (9am-11am)
  • Member’s Only
  • make-up day for rain-outs on Fridays

Registration Close Dates & Class Lists

June 25-28
June 21
June 24
July 2-6
June 28
June 30
July 9-12
July 5
July 7
July 16-19
July 12
July 14
July 23-26
July 19
July 21
July 30- Aug 2 July 26 July 28

*Dates are subject to change if an event has an effect on the pool availability. We will ensure four days of lessons in a week.


9:00 AM – 9:30 AM
9:30 AM – 10:00 AM

If a diver finds themselves wishing to participate in an hour-long class, they can sign up for both the 9:00 and 9:30 class, and their program will be adjusted to last an hour.


We love working with everyone 5 years and older- as long as you’ve passed the Overlee swim test!

Skill Levels

No previous experience necessary, as long as the diver has passed the Overlee swim test.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact Thomas Hassett at [email protected] or (703) 973-4988.

Swim Test

In order to use the diving boards or swim in water over their shoulders, children must pass Overlee’s Swim test for their safety.  The basic swimming test consists of both:

  • swimming 60 feet freestyle with breathing, and
  • treading water for one minute.

Children interested in diving lessons should see the manager on duty when they feel their child is ready to take the swim test.  If Parents are unsure of their child’s ability, they can take group swim lessons or private swim lessons first.

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