Manager’s Top 5 Rules – 2016

We want to remind all members that the rules we have at Overlee are meant to keep our everyone  safe and our space clean and green.  We ask you to share these with your children and guests as well.

  1. Overlee is a family-friendly facility. Safety is our number ONE priority. Please help us by keeping an eye on your children.
  2. All members without cards or with guests must enter through front desk.
  3. The volleyball court is only for volleyball. Volleyball players should hose off after playing in the volleyball court as sand can damage our pool filters.
  4. Please dispose of any and all trash in the proper containers. Recycle empty cans, bottles and cardboard in blue recycling bins.
  5. Horseplay and roughhousing are not tolerated in the pool or on the grounds at any time, including the basketball courts. No ball playing is allowed on deck at any time. If the main pool is crowded, no pool basketball will be allowed. Please be respectful when playing ball as no one likes being hit by a stray ball.

We will share other rules throughout the season.