When you first log in to the Overlee online Account, it will prompt you to check and update information.  You can skip many of these and complete them at a later time if you wish.  At subsequent logins, you will not see these screens, but you can access them from the home page.

Contact Info- My Profile

Feel free to update spelling of your name or dependents names.  Here is the instruction text for this section:

Thank you for signing up for our Online Scheduling feature.
Since it is your first time logging in we would like you to look over the information below and verify that everything is correct. If you need to update or correct any information please do so. After you have verified all the information please hit the Continue button at the bottom of the page.


Overlee’s online Account provides members with the ability to choose interests they would like to receive informational emails about.  Teams and Lessons often use other email systems to communicate with their teams, so you must register with them to receive their updates.  (One Option is None of them)

**If you choose not to be listed in the Overlee Directory, please check the box for this under interests.

To select your interests:

Check the boxes that indicate your areas of interest

Click the Continue button at the bottom of the page

*Note: Please check back periodically to update your areas of interest. We are continually seeking opportunities to better serve our clients. Your feedback will help us to better understand what services we should add, drop or improve upon.

Add Family Members

If you didn’t see all your family members listed in your profile, then you can add them here.  (You can also add them later.)  Each family member who plans to come to the pool will need a membership card and they must be listed in order to receive a card.  Please see Plans & Cards for details on who is eligible to be listed.

Credits Info Box

You might see an information box entitled How are credits used for scheduling?  Overlee does not use credits.  This is a bug our software provider is trying to fix.  Please click “Hide This” to remove.

Renewing/Buying a membership

You must navigate to Membership Manager page under Membership Tab to purchase your membership.  (This is different from My Memberships under My Profile)

You will see a list of membership plans which include various combinations of plans & extended season passes.  Details for each can be found by hitting “details” button.  Make sure to hit “Sign Up Button” or “Purchase Membership Button”