Overlee Diver’s Become Undefeated With A Win Against Lee Graham

For their final meet of the regular season, the Overlee divers headed to Lee Graham Pool.  It was another successful meet for Overlee, making them the undefeated champions of division 2.  The final score was an impressive 49-19.   Freshman girl-Abbey Shumsky, Freshman girl, diving up as a Junior girl-Michayla Eisenberg, Freshman Boy, diving up as a Junior boy-Chris Cobey, Intermediate girl-Laine Stoker, Junior boy, diving up as an Intermediate-Matthew Kress, Senior Girl Hannah Karlin, and Senior boy Jacob Kreider all took home first place points for the team with some very impressive diving.    Also earning points for the team were:  Avery Stoker (3rd place Freshman girl), Logan Gundlach (2nd place Freshman boy), Nate Cohen (3rd place Freshman boy), Sophia Bailey (3rd place Junior girl), Sadie Gidner (3rd place Intermediate girl), Annika Creedon (2nd place Senior girl), and Sarah Barringer (3rd place senior girl).

Emily Hay, a 13 year veteran and graduating senior girl diver with the team, dove beautifully in her last meet as an Overlee Diver.  We will miss her very much!!!!

See below for full results of the meet.

Week 5 meet
Lee Graham( 19)
Overlee (49)
Freshman Girls
Abbey Shumsky O 76.40
Madison Cervenak LG 74.90
Avery Stoker O 60.70
Reagan Cervenak LG 56.35
Isabella Eisenberg O 53.60
Annalise Levitt LG 52.95
Ella Wallinger LG 45.15
Georgi Malko O 44.55
Zoe Mar LG 39.45
Maren Akst O 34.75
Madison Allard LG 32.90
Freshman Boys
Alex Way LG 61.75
Logan Gundlach O 53.95
Nate Cohen O 46.90
Peter Kress O 41.10
Beckett Crescioli O 30.00
Dean Zike LG 24.35
Junior Girls
Michayla Eisneberg O 125.05
Maggie Di Scipio LG 120.35
Sophia Bailey O 99.05
Celeste Gary O 93.45
Sylvie Lister LG 93.35
Olivia Grabman O 92.35
Sydney Longer LG 87.25
Maggie Moonis LG 84.15
Morgan Beltson LG 83.75
Ellie Moonis LG 79.50
Samantha Brady O 62.45
Fiona Shepherd O 60.90
Junior Boys
Chris Cobey O 84.40
Intermediate Girls
Laine Stoker O 151.50
Katherine Friedman LG 142.00
Sadie Gidner O 115.60
Intermediate Boys
Matthew Kress O 121.50
Gerik Trevisan LG 111.45
Alexei Segretto LG 96.60
Senior Girls
Hannah Karlin O 203.15
Annika Creedon O 187.90
Sarah Barringer O 178.75
Emikly Hay O 161.45
Sophia Gary O 158.40
Raquel Sequeira LG 152.15
Isabella Lee O 151.25
Margaret Lister LG 148.75
Emily Friedman LG 139.05
Addie Di Scipio LG 128.85
Meghan Hamby O 100.25
Senior Boys
Jacob Kreider O 228.30
Jonathan Teitelbaum O 202.60
Kevin Kotowski LG 179.95
Danny Metzmaeir LG 173.40
Thomas Hassett O 158.35