Severe Weather Info

With severe storms in the forecast, manager Greg York wanted to remind members of the severe weather policy and procedures designed to keep members, guests and staff safe.

The manager on duty has authority to close the facility for any dangerous situation, including inclement weather.  When thunder is heard, lightning seen or a severe weather warning is issued, all pool decks, terraces and parks must be cleared.  Please help staff by clearing decks quickly and preparing to move if severe weather warnings are in the forecast.

Pools will remain closed for at least 30 minutes from last thunder or lightning observation.  See Weather Policy for more info.

To get the latest news on closures or re-openings,  you can

Thanks you for keeping all of us safe by adhering to these policies!

Lightning Safety Awareness Week is June 22-28, 2014 and  the National Weather Service’s Lightning Safety website  has lots of additional info.