Swim Team Assistant Coaches Hired

Overlee continues to build its coaching staff to work with its swim team this summer by hiring its two assistant coaches.

Overlee is excited to welcome Andrew Hale as an Assistant Coach. Andrew’s swimming and coaching experience is extensive – swimming locally for Rolling Valley (Springfield, VA) and Mason Makos for over 10 years including on the Junior National Team. He is currently in his third year in collegiate swimming at Shippensburg University (Shippensburg, PA) and aspires to continue coaching after school at the collegiate level.  Andrew has previously coached at Rolling Valley for four years as both an assistant and senior coach. Andrew loves the sport of swimming and enjoys teaching others and is looking forward to being a part of Overlee.

Overlee Alumni William Sullivan is returning to the team as an Assistant Coach. After swimming for Overlee and York Swim Club for 10 years, William continued his swimming career at Saint Michael’s College (Colchester, VT) where he in his third year of collegiate swimming. William’s coaching experience has deep Overlee roots – including four years of coaching at Overlee Sunday Night Swim and three years of coaching Overlee’s School of Fish. Along with swimming and coaching experience, William is bringing energy, determination and a great love for Overlee which will help both the team’s coaches and swimmers succeed.