2017 Swim Team ISO Sound Specialist and SoF Rep

Overlee Sound Specialist: Imagine an Overlee swim meet without music, without announcements, without joy.  You can bring joy back to Overlee.  Our sound specialist is responsible for setting up and taking down sound equipment for home meets. It is a simplified sound system that only takes 15 minutes. And you’ll have Bruce Gilbert, our preeminent sound guru, to train you and answer questions along the way! Bonus Offer: You also get to help craft the playlist that will define Overlee Summer 2017.  Think Coachella, not Frye.

Overlee School of Fish Rep: Great job for two friends to share!! Responsibilities include communicating with coaches and parents, distributing caps at practices, coordinating our two mini-meets and a movie outing, and sending weekly emails with program updates.  We can tell from your wrinkled brow that you’re worried about the time commitment.  Worry not and de-wrinkle that brow at once: other than crafting a weekly email, most of your responsibilities will occur when your little darling is either at swim practice or participating in the mini-meets.  Did we mention you get a front row view?  Our prior fabulous SoF reps are happy to walk you through it.