Swim Team Practice Begins with District Taco Night

Dear Flying Fish Families,

It’s almost summer at Overlee!  Our swimmers hit the water two weeks from today, Monday, May 23rd to begin practice for another exciting season.  Swimmers should come prepared with a water bottle, towel, cap, fins, snorkel, and dark goggles.  If you ordered personalized caps, we will distribute the caps during the first week of practice.  The preseason practice schedule is listed below, along with some important reminders.

Preseason Practice Schedule 2016 — Monday, 5/23 through Friday, 6/24

Seniors:  3:30- 4:15pm 9-10s:  4:15-5:00pm 11-12s:  5:00-5:45pm 8&Unders:  5:45-6:25pm SOF:  6:25-7:00pm*

*SOF AM practice does not start until June 27. If you are registered for this session please do not attend pre-season practice.

Saturday Practices 5/28, 6/4, and 6/11(swim a thon*)

12 and under:  7:00-8:00 am

Seniors:  8:00-9:00 am

SOF:  9:00-10:00 am

*Please mark your calendar for the annual Overlee Swim-a-thon. The event will be held June11, and it is never too early to get pledges. More information will be coming soon.

District Taco Night! In order to make the transition to summer easier on you, we have dinner plans for you on May 23rd. From 4:00- close on the 23rd at District Taco if you mention Overlee a portion of the proceeds will go towards the team. Make the night easy, eat a taco!

Please register ASAP if you have not done so yet!

If your child intends to swim this summer and you have not yet registered, please do so as soon as you finish reading this email. We currently are maintaining a wait list for School of Fish because we are at capacity for that program. There are still openings for the SOF AM session, which starts practice June 27.  You are able to sign up for the wait list by going to the registration link and will not be charged a registration fee unless your swimmer becomes a part of School of Fish. We will determine whether space is available after the Swim Test on June 7th.

Practice guidelines 

Please plan to arrive at practice 10 minutes early so swimmers are ready to get in the water on time.  Only registered swimmers may participate in practice. If your child is not registered we do not have emergency contact information, and that is a safety concern..
Parents are not allowed on the pool deck surrounding the lap pool where practices take place to prevent any interruptions, as per coaches’ request.

Practice is held RAIN OR SHINE and will only be canceled in the event of a storm.  We will send an email as soon as possible if we need to cancel practice.  If the pool closes in the middle of a practice due to storms and we must clear the pool deck, the swimmers will be taken to the Clubhouse or another safe location at the pool and should be picked up as soon as possible.

Age group practices As a rule at Overlee, swimmers must practice with their age group.  Workouts may be designed differently for the various age groups.  We must ask that all swimmers attend the practice for the age group they will swim during this summer — which is their age as of June 1.

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions.

Go Overlee,

Kristin and Gina