How often do we practice?
Please click here for this season’s schedule.

How is the program priced?
Please click on this registration link for more information.

What are the parental commitments?
Parents are asked to participate in fundraisers (Movie Night, 4th of July food sale, etc.) and assist in preparing for the performance. A sign up will be sent out to parents with more details.

Is it a competitive or recreational program?
This is a recreational program. Swimmers practice during the summer to swim in the Annual Overlee Water Show to show off their skills to their friends, family, and the Overlee community,

What is the quality of coaching?
All coaches have swam competitively at both regional and national meets. More information about each of the coaches can be found under coach bios.

What are the benefits of the program?
• Quality coaching
• Flexible scheduling
• Competitive pricing
• Quality facilities
• Nationally competitive athletes
• Focus on fitness
• Development of creativity, artistry, and performance skills
• Development of teamwork and leadership skills
• Development of good sportsmanship and healthy lifestyle habits
• Having fun and developing friendships
• Development of work ethic and the value of commitment
• Participation in the Annual Overlee Water Show
• Increased confidence, better time management and prioritization, improvement focus and concentration, understanding the value of perseverance

Why should my child swim synchro instead of another sport?
• It combines swimming, dance, gymnastics, and diving
• It combines athleticism and artistic flair
• It allows for individual talent, contributions, and creativity while requiring teamwork
• It is the ultimate team sport!