Team Updates: August 5th

Swim: This past Sunday, the Overlee Swim Team had their Awards Night, the last under Head Coach Beth Baker’s 13-year association with the team. THANKS AGAIN COACH BETH! Below is a list of swimmers who broke NVSL, team and/or OVL pool records as well as those who qualified for this year’s NVSL All-Star Championships taking place at Little Rocky Run this Saturday. Note: all records are team records; NVSL records are noted after event. Congratulations to all of our swimmers and coaches on a great season!


13-14 Boys 50 Breast Stroke: Paul Kinsella, July 23, 2016

13-14 Boys 200 Medley Relay: Robert Ridgeway, Paul Kinsella, Cass Young, Ryan York, July 13, 2016

15-18 Boys 50 Free:  Ryan Baker, July 18,2016

15-18 Boys 50 Back: Ryan Baker, July 23,2016

15-18 Boys 200 Free Relay: Sam Ellison, Nick Pasternak, Jonathan Day, Ryan Baker, NVSL Relay Carnival Record and Team record

200 Mixed Age Relay: Matthew Kress, Billy Weber, Paul Kinsella, Ryan Baker, July 13, 2016, NVSL Relay Carnival Record and team record


9-10 100 Medley Relay: Elysha York, Aida Young, Michayla Eisenberg, Olivia Hartel, July 13, 2016

11-12 50 Back: Alexis Lee, July 23, 2016

11-12 50 Fly: Kate Bailey, July 2, 2016

11-12 100 IM: Alexis Lee, July 30, 2016

11-12 100 Medley Relay: Alexis Lee, Lauren Neuman, Kate Bailey, Elyse Hartmann, July 9, 2016 and again on July 13, 2016

11-12 100 Free Relay: Kate Bailey, Elyse Hartmann, Sophie Yoder, Emmie Ridgeway, July 13, 2016 and then set the NVSL Relay Carnival Record July 20,2016

13-14 50 Back: Mary Kate Reicherter: July 9, 2016 and again on July 23, 2016

15-18 50 Free: Suzanne Dolan, June 25, 2016 and again on July 23, 2016

15-18 50 Back:  Suzanne Dolan, July 23, 2016

15-18 50 Fly: Ellie Ridgeway, July 23, 2016

15-18 200 Medley Relay: Suzanne Dolan, Kayle Park, Ellie Ridgeway, Katherine Lundy, July, 13, 2016 NVSL Relay Carnival Record, July 20, 2016 NVSL Relay Carnival Record

15-18 200 Free Relay: Ellie Ridgeway, Katherine Lundy, Kayle Park, Suzanne Dolan, July 13, 2016 NVSL Relay Carnival Record

OVL Swimmers going to All Stars on Saturday: Emme Yoder, Shelby Ebert, Billy Weber, Christopher Kinsella, Matthew Kress, Kate Bailey, Emmie Ridgeway, Paul Kinsella, Alice Bruce, Sam Ellison, Katherine Lundy, Emmy Hart, Alexis Lee, Sophie Yoder, Robert Ridgeway, Mary Kate Reicherter, Claire McNamara, Nick Pasternak, Moira Kinsella, Buddy Sleighter, Evan Ingraham, Olivia Hartel, Lauren Neuman, Kayle Park, Suzanne Dolan, Michayla Eisenberg, Jonathan Day, Ellie Ridgeway, Michaela Morrison, Elysha York, Elyse Hartmann.

Dive: Our Overlee Dive Team went undefeated this season. Plus, the team received a first-ever NVSL Dive Award for the team who scored most points at Divisionals. All of the Overlee divers who participated in Divisionals last Sunday at Overlee came in 6th place or better. Plus, all divers in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd qualified for All Stars. Way to go, divers!
Freshman Girls – Michayla Eisenberg, 1st, Abbey Shumsky, 2nd, Avery Stoker, 6th
Freshman Boy – Chris Cobey, 2nd
Junior Girl – Sophia Bailey, 3rd, Olivia Grabman, 6th
Junior Boy – Matthew Kress, 2nd
Intermediate Girls – Laine Stoker, 2nd, Lara Sunter, 8th
Senior Girls – Hannah Karlin,1st, Annika Creedon, 2nd, Emily Hay, 6th
Senior Boys – Jonathan Teitelbaum, 3rd, Thomas Hassett, 5th

Synchro: Practices will be held to prepare for the Synchro Show on:

Monday, August 29th– dive well (probably 7-9)

Wednesday, August 31 –dive well 7-9 and then 9-10 in lap pool