Are you curious to know more about the Overlee Dive Team?  Below are some questions you may have.  Feel free to contact us a with any additional questions!


Question:  Can my child participate in BOTH swim and dive teams at Overlee?

Answer:  YES


Question:  If swim team and dive team practices overlap for my child’s age group in the morning is there another option to attend an afternoon dive practice?

Answer:  YES. For those with afternoon conflicts we work on a case by case basis to accommodate a different AM practice.


Question:  If my child’s age group swim practice is before the scheduled dive practice can he/she simply walk over to the dive well and wait for practice to start?

Answer:  YES


Question:  My child attends summer day camps each week, can he/she still be on the dive team?

Answer:  YES – both morning AND afternoon practices are offered each week


Question:  Is there someone I can speak with to determine if my child is on the competitive or developmental dive team?

Answer:  YES – please email


Question:  My kid has never been on a  dive team before – what are the prerequisites to join?


Developmental: pass the Overlee swim test (swim across the dive well) and enjoy jumping off the boards. We encourage ALL ages – it’s impressive how quickly some kids can advance to our competitive team with a few weeks of practice and coaching!

Competitive: ability to execute required dives by age group. 10U: (3) front dive, back dive, optional dive (usually a somersault). 12U: back dive, front dive, 2 optional dives in different categories (front somersault, back somersault, inward dive or twister).


Question:  Where can I see the schedule and list of events for dive



Question: Is it ok if my child only comes to morning practice? Or only afternoon?

Answer: YES We offer both times to accommodate different schedules. There’s no requirement to attend both. Anyone is welcome to come to as many practices as they want though.


Question: Is it ok if my diver misses a week for our family vacation? Or camp?

Answer: YES. We are flexible and would love to have your diver for as much or as little time as they are available.