Tips for New Parents and Veterans too!

We would like to remind parents of both veteran and new swimmers alike of several important points concerning swim meets at Overlee

(download a PDF of this great list!):

* Please, Please, Please. Turn OFF your cell phone. If you simply must have your phone on, TURN OFF THE SOUND AND PUT IT ON VIBRATE!

* Flash photography is absolutely forbidden at the start of a race. If you want to take pictures of your swimmer, either turn OFF your flash or wait until the race has started to take a picture. Flash photography lead to false starts, which may lead to swimmers getting disqualified.

* There is a clearly marked area in front of the bleacher seats by the finish where STANDING IS NOT PERMITTED. There are signs and tape indicating the extent of this area – you really can’t miss it. If you want to stand at the fence, please respect those who are sitting in this area and move further down. Children are permitted to sit at the fence in this area, but they must remain seated so the people behind them can still see the finish.

* At the end of EACH and EVERY RACE, the kids should remain in the water until EVERYONE in their heat has finished . Sportsmanship is a big part of the swimming program at Overlee, and it is decidedly unsportsmanlike to hop out of the water before everyone is finished. Often, swimmers also shake hands with the competitors in adjoining lanes. Remind your children of this practice.

* If you are not an official or a swimmer, YOU DO NOT BELONG ON THE POOL DECK. The coaches are responsible for your children during a meet and they will get them where they need to be.

* If you are a swimmer, YOU BELONG ON THE POOL DECK WITH THE TEAM. One of the coaches’ biggest problems at the developmental meets is finding swimmers for upcoming events. If your swimmer comes to visit, give them a quick hug and remind them they belong on the deck with their team.

* Sportsmanship is important (see above), and it’s customary to clap for good performances both by our team and the opposing team.

* PLEASE help clean up at the end of the meet. Many hands make for light work!
Swim Practice

Here are reminders to help parents make practice a success:

* It is important for your swimmers to come to practice regularly , that will help them get stronger and faster.

* Swimmers should bring SNEAKERS to practice for dry-land work and FINS. Both items will help the kids get more out of each day’s practice. Fins are important, especially for all 8 and unders. Fins really help strengthen the leg muscles and improve swimming. SWIM CAPS for girls are required as well.

* All parents should remember that their swimmers will get a LOT more out of practice if mom and dad are not on deck watching. Drop your swimmer(s) off and take the time for a short break, maybe head to Starbucks or simply catch up on some of your reading. Try to get your swimmer to his/her practice ON TIME . We know the times are tight, but there is a lot to do and the quicker everyone is on deck the better.