Team Awards

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Hardest Worker

Swimmer has displayed the maximum effort in practice and competition, regardless of results.

2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010
6 & Under (SOF in 2014)

Gavin Barber, Lucia Sicuranza

Jackson Bravery, Nora Johnson

Sophie Degan,
George Cocker
Anna Sullivan,
Daniel Rozen
Emme Yoder,
Rory McNamara
Christopher Kinsella, Lily Cheek, Olivia Hartel
Olivia Hartel, Christopher Kinsella
Katherine Bailey, James Aldinger

Brian Kinsella, Moira Kinsella

Sully Portner, Olivia Hejl

Hannah Portner,
Matthew Aslaksen
Elysha York, Billy Webber
Audrey Hartel, David Bruce
Ben Cabalu, Alexis Lee
Catherine Donahue, Tommy Shipley
Maria Polise, Robert Ridgeway

Rory McNamara, Sophie Deegan

Matthew Aslaksen, Olivia Hartel

Ashley Park, Tommy Weber
Alexis Lee,
Bennett Hanke
Kate Bailey,
Ben Cabalu
Robert Ridgeway, Kelly Melnick
Kayle Park, Paul Kinsella
Reilley O’Flaherty, Sam Ellison

Luke Aslaksen, Celeste Wetmore

Josh Golden, Mirabelle Wetmore

Lucy West,
Matthew Kress
Alice Bruce,
Henry Poutasse
Claire McNamara, John Sullivan
Andrew Cabalu, Reilly O’Flaherty
Michaela Morrison, Nick Pasternak
Beth Gentsch, Austin Park

Matthew Kress, Elyse Hartmann

Tommy Shipley, Catherine Donahue

Claire McNamara,
Robert Ridgeway, Paul Kinsella
Isabella Lee,
Demetri Nicholakos
Claire Kinsella,
Nick Pasternak
Joseph Shank, Anna Polise
Grace Greenwood, Sean Coleman
Katie Kinsella, Jason Henley

Paul Kinsella, Maggie Shipley

Max Herrmann, Maddie Hans

Jackie Snow,
Joe Shank
Katie Kinsella,
John Murphy
Marie O’Shaughnessy, Katie Kinsella, David Emson
Jason Henley, Katie Kinsella
Liana Tai, Bryan Kress
Julianna Butler, Jonathan Cox

Toughest Age Group

The particular age group that has practiced and performed fearlessly, without complaints that practice was “too hard” or “I don’t like freestyle” while encouraging each other. This age group welcomed hard work and/or rebounded from tough setbacks.

2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011
15-18 boys & girls
11-12 girls
 8&U boys & girls  N/A
11-12 boys & girls
11-12 boys & girls
11-12 boys & girls


Joe Adams Award

Award to the swimmers whose performances at Monday night meets showed the most outstanding improvement.

2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010
6 & Under  Moira Kinsella
Jimmy O. Greenwood, Sadie Akst
Maura Flynn, Jimmy O. Greenwood
Alexis Lee, Ben Cabalu
7-8 Tyler Hong, Reilly Rosenberger Owen Lefton, Jacqueline Ake
Cameron Ake,
Caroline Baily
Luke Muchetti, Sophie Hartmann
Mia Lodwig, Luke O’Reilly
Sophie Yoder, David Shank
9-10 Colton Allen, Juliet Jones Aidan Singer, Madison Cassidy Ava Alperstein, David Bruce
Evan Wallin, Catherine Donohue
Grace Cheek, Calder Lowenthal
Gillian Krug, Evan Kilmer
11-12 Daniel Rozen, Tali Ridgeway Stephen Rozen, Celeste Wetmore Simone Richeson, Ben Cabalu
Tommy Weber, Anais Lowenthal
Declan Butler, Livia Polise
Kiely Westhoff
Lucy Shoemaker, Scott Kilmer
13-14  Ian Vroom, Catherine Donahue Colin Singer, Jennifer Overdahl Sophie Dalton, JT Dolan
Devin Delo, Lindsey Wilkin
Beth Gentsch, Christopher Blagg
Sophia Dettling, Rob Meyer
15-18 Macrae Hanke, Sofie Dalton Joe Shank, Beth Gentsch Michaela Morrison, James Carroll
Kayla Rusby-Wood, Megan Day, Rebecca Poutasse
Helena Nicholakos, David Emson and Jack Schrider
Christopher Blagg

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Winner is either a first time Saturday morning competitor and/or a new member of Overlee Swimming who has made the statement; “I am here,” by practice attendance and effort, meet performance and sportsmanship.

2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010
Jackson Bravery
Shelby Ebert
Cal Birgisson
Matthew Kress
Alice Bruce
John Sullivan
Sophie Yoder,
Andrew Cabalu
John Sullivan,
Courtney Frisk

The Performer

Swimmer demonstrated awesome prowess and/or resilience in critical meet situations.

2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010
 Jonathan Day, Alice Bruce  Paul Kinsella, Christopher Kinsella, Sam Ellison, Elyse Hartmann, Alice Bruce, Emmy Hart, Alexis Lee, Elysha York  Nick Pasternak, Jonathan Day, Kayle Park, Mary Kate Reicherter, Sophie Yoder, Lauren Hartel, Billy Weber  Lauren Hartel, James Aldinger, Lindsey Bowers, Jonathan Day
Paul Kinsella, Lauren Hartel, Michaela Morrison, Suzanne Dolan
Jonathan Day, Mary Kate Reicherter, Sophie Yoder, Ryan Baker, Izzy Pasternak
Katie Bennett, Michaela Morrison, Maggie Shipley, Suzanne Dolan, Demitri Nickolakas
John Thomas Dolan, John Aldinger, Ryan Baker, Rachel Robertson

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Howard Pennifill

Traditionally given to 13 & overs (one per gender) who have been complete Overlee swimmers; athlete has been a leader by actions in practice, meets, pep rallies, support of younger swimmers, responsible behavior in and around the Overlee community and a long-term and summer-long dedication to the team. This award is not automatically given each summer – it must be earned. Winner’s names are engraved on a plaque in the front lobby.

2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010
Not Awarded
Not Awarded
Rebecca Poutasse, Kaleigh Day, Megan Day,
Patrick Shipley, Andrew Loranger
Grace Greenwood, Patrick Shipley
Not Awarded
Torey Ortmayer, Kate Mountain
Torey Ortmayer, Ellie Ellison
Libby Kane

Baxter Smith

One award per gender (12 & under award): athlete has given selflessly his/her time, effort and energy to the Team while leading by example in practice, competition (effort), cheering and enthusiasm, relationships with other teammates and behavior in and around the Overlee community.

2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010
 Matthew Aslaksen
 Ben Cabalu, Audrey Hartel
 Kathryn Clarke, Bennett Hanke
Robert Ridgeway,
Emilia Ridgeway
Tate Rusby Wood,
Maggie Shipley
Nick Pasternak, Isabella Lee
Claire Kinsella, Nick Pasternak
Tate Rusby-Wood, Claire Kinsella


Athlete that has shown a wholehearted interest in swimmers younger than themselves and demonstrated to their younger teammates the virtues of sportsmanship, teamwork, hard work, persistence and respect.

2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010
 Robert Ridgeway, Brenna Neuman  Ellie Ridgeway, Maggie Shipley, Sofie Dalton Rebecca Poutasse, Jason Henley
Julianna Butler
Grace Greenwood,
Patrick Shipley, Andrew Loranger
Kate Mountain,
Katie Myer, Bridget Condron
Bryan Kress, Katie Bennett

Charles Thompson Memorial Award

One award per gender per 12 & Unders and per 13 & Overs: swimmer used creative energy to psyche-up, encourage, focus or lift the spirits of teammates.

2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010
 Dean Campos, Hannah Portner, Austin Park, Ellie Ridgeway  Guy Shoji, Robert Ridgeway, Emily Alperstein, Clare Kinsella  Sean Coleman, Isabella Lee, Ryan York, Emmy Hart Sean Coleman, Megan Day, Izzy Pasternack, Cole Woods, Sophie Yoder, Sarah Bloomquist
Caroline Bloomquist,
Sam Ellison,
Izzy Pasternak, Patrick Shipley
Nick Brooks, Katy Meyer
Nick Meyer,
Ellie Ridgeway,
Kayla Rusby Wood, Patrick Shipley
Torey Ortmayer, Kate Mountain

Coach’s Awards

The Assistant coaches will choose one boy and one girl from each age group who best exemplifies the spirit of Monday Night meets and Overlee swimming – participation, commitment, fun, sportsmanship, courage, and self-determination.

2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010
6 & Under (SOF in 2014) Emmett Cocker, Molly Kilgallon Liam Heavner, Molly Bakos
Helen Hanke, George Cocker
Hannah Bigley, Keegan Westhoff
Ashley Park, Alan Schneider and Will Hart
7-8 Sully Portner, Cici Yen Aidan Vroom, Moira Kinsella
Michayla Eisenberg, Rory McNamera
Elizabeth Wayman, Christopher Kinsella
Lily Cheek, Christopher Kinsella
James Aldinger, Emmie Ridgeway
Emilia Ridgeway, John Sondheim
 Mary Kate Reicherter, Paul Kinsella
9-10 Ryan Schmitt, Katherine Schmitt Tyler Chase, Charlotte Wilhite
Olivia Grabman, Alan Schneider
Kate Baily, Ben Cabalu
Emmy Ridgeway, Grace Cummings, Henry Poutasse
Paul Kinsella, Claire McNamara
Maggie Shipley, Sam Ellison and Cole Wood
Emma Day, Nick Pasternak
11-12 Oliver Meek, Olivia Hartel Flynn Shoji, Emilia Ridgeway
Alexis Lee,
Henry Poutasse
Claire McNamara, Brenna Neuman, Paul Kinsella
Lindsey Bowers, Robert Ridgeway
William Sullivan, Ellie Ridgeway
Isabella Lee, Anna Polise, William Sullivan
Suzanne Dolan, Nick Morales
13-14 Matteo Roman, Kelly Melnick Kareena Stowers
Caroline Bloomquist,
Tate Rusby-Woods, Sam Ellison
Ellie Ridgeway, Nick Pasternak
Isabella Lee, Ellie Ridgeway, William Sullivan
Brady Almand, Suzanne Dolan
Rebecca Poutasse, Ryan Baker
Grace Greenwood, Sean Coleman
15-18 Cole Woods, Michaela Morrison William Sullivan
Michaela Morrison, Brady Almand
Kaleigh Day, David Emson
Sophie Bennett, Helena Nicholakos, Sean Coleman
David Emson, Julianna Butler
Emma Leheney, Molly Merkel, Nick Brooks
Olivia Shipley, Nick Brooks

Flying Fish Award

One award given to 13 & overs: this swimmer demonstrates an overall leadership role on the team.

2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010
Sam Ellison, Kayle Park
Ryan Baker, Suzanne Dolan, Nick Pasternak, Emme Yoder
Evan Ingraham, Ryan Baker, Suzanne Dolan
Ryan Baker, Suzanne Dolan
Katie Bennett
Katie Bennett
Katie Bennett
Kaitlin Wolla

Special Awards

Hammer Award
2007: Suzanne Dolan & Timothy Aldinger
The Competitor Award
2008: Isabelle Pasternak & David Emson
Go Baby Go Award
2011: Anais & Calder Lowenthal; 2010: Andrea Furrow
Pool Staff Liason Award
2012: Max Duncan; 2011: Ben Names
Sportsmanship Award
2017: George Cocker, Hadley Scribner, Matthew Aslaksen, Charlotte Wilhite, Buddy Sleighter, Will Hart, Olivia Hartel, Matthew Kress, Emilia Ridgeway, William Sullivan, Michaela Morrison

Best Swims: 2015

James Carroll, Andrew Loranger, Sam Ellison, Tate Rusby-Wood, JT Dolan, Cal Birgisson, Lindsey Bowers, Audrey Hartel, Buddy Sleighter, Luke Aslaksan, Will Hart, Milena West, 15-18 Boys Medley Relay (Ryan Baker, Jonathan Day, Brady Almand, Nick Pasternak), 15-18 Girls Free Relay (Ellie Ridgeway, Lauren Allard, Michaela Morrison, Suzanne Dolan), 8 & Under Boys Medley Relay (Billy Weber, Evan Ingraham, Rory McNamara, Matthew Aslaksen), 8 & Under Girls Medley Relay (Charlotte Wilhite, Michaela Eisenberg, Catherine Schmitt, Aida Young)

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