Top Five Rules for Summer Season

As the full summer season schedule kicks off on Saturday, June 20th, we want to share these five reminders:

  1. When inclement weather is in the area, the lifeguards will signal with a break whistle. This signals that all members and guests must clear all pools, decks, terraces and the bathhouse IMMEDIATELY. To ensure your safety, we ask that you not stand in the parking lot or picnic areas.
  2. No food or drink is allowed on the pool deck, except for water. Please keep your food and drinks in the picnic areas and the Terraces by the Clubhouse. No glass is ever allowed on the pool deck and grassy areas, including the areas around the volleyball court.
  3. Please do not jump over the fences for any reason, including getting a volleyball, meeting guests, etc.
  4. Guards will signal a fifteen minute safety break at a quarter to each hour throughout the day. The safety break called at a quarter to the hour at closing shall act as a reminder that members and guests should prepare to leave the premises by closing time.  Throughout the day, the manager on duty may forgo a safety break and permit the pools to remain open for swimmers of all ages.
  5. Please be gentle with the play items (ping pong, foosball, corn hole and badminton). These are communal items, and, if they are unusable, it affects others in the community. (Please pass this reminder on to your children as well.)

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