Vote for New Board Members! Voting Open From NOW Until July 25th!

We are looking for a few members who want to provide leadership and direction to Overlee by serving on our volunteer Board of Directors. Per the Board Roles and Responsibilities, members vote to elect Directors to the Board.
For 2018, there are 8 candidates running for 6 open seats. Voting for Directors is by ballot only.

All ballots MUST be received by 6:45 pm on July 25th, 2018.
There are three ways to submit a ballot (please note that electronic ballots cannot be accepted):

  1. Mailed to: Overlee Nominating Committee, P.O. Box 5346, Arlington, VA 22205;
  2. Dropped off in the box at the front desk;
  3. Brought to the membership meeting on July 25th before 6:45 pm.

The official ballot is at the bottom of this newsletter. Only one ballot allowed per household.
The ballots will be counted during the meeting and results will be announced prior to adjournment.                                                                                                                  Short biographies for each candidate appear below.

2018 Board of Directors Candidate Bios

Michael Bruce
I have lived in Arlington since 1995. My family and I have been members of Overlee since 2011. My three children have been on the swim team since 2011, and my wife, Kristin, served as the swim team rep in 2016-2017. Currently my two oldest children work at Overlee as life guards. Our entire family has benefitted from the network of social and team activities offered at Overlee. In addition to enjoying the lap pool, I spend most Saturdays and Mondays in the summer serving as a swim team volunteer or simply enjoying the meets.
I grew up as the child of a career military officer and would often spend summers at a beach community in Connecticut that sponsored youth softball and a local swimming program, competing against other local beach communities. After graduating from Cornell University, I began a career in management consulting with Andersen Consulting. I am currently a Vice President, Division Manager with Leidos.
I have volunteered and served on several boards in the past. I currently serve on the Executive Committee and Treasurer for the Identification Technology Association. For the past six years, I served as a member of the Arlington Public Schools Budget Advisory Council. I have also served as President of the Waycroft Woodlawn Civic Association, and Cubmaster for Pack 116. I believe these community leadership positions will help the Overlee board continue to make the right decisions in support of our Overlee community.

Molly Ketcham
My family and I have lived in Westover for over 16 years and were lucky to join the Overlee family in 2015. Our children, Annie and Andrew, are on the swim team. I grew up on a swim team in St. Louis, Missouri and, much like at Overlee, know the close-knit community a pool can provide and how special swim team and summer friend relationships are! My husband and I both graduated from the University of Virginia. I work in Arlington for Accenture Federal Services as the Director of Strategic Planning & Business Operations. In my role, I am responsible for real estate across North America, as well as designing and launching our new facilities. I believe both my strategic planning and real estate background will serve Overlee well – especially this year with the bathhouse renovation. I would be delighted to provide my background and expertise as an Overlee board member!

Andrea Furrow                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                I have been a member of Overlee for many years and was appointed to a vacant Board position in 2015 after serving as a volunteer on the HR Committee for a year. My children were on the swim team and I now have grandchildren swimming on the team. For the past three years, I have been the Overlee Board’s Human Resources representative, solely responsible for processing all paperwork for every Overlee employee and all coaching staff. Through my leadership and organization of files, the annual VA audits of employee tax forms has been completed successfully for the last two years. I am also the Board representative for the Sunday Night Winter Swim Program and summer group swim lessons, responsible for hiring, registration and monitoring of these programs.
I can be found volunteering for many Overlee events, including the 60th anniversary events last year, swim meets, Kids/Teen Night, ice cream socials and numerous events and activities as needed. I’m also known for yelling “Go, Baby, Go” from the decks for all the swimmers during the meets when I am not working as a timer or working the data table. Many of you may know me as Grandma Park. I would be honored to continue to represent you on the Overlee Board for another term. Thank you for your support.

Mike Maleski
My wife JoAnne and I have been members since 2000. My daughter Charlotte (age 13) and son Gabriel (age 7) enjoy swimming at Overlee and meeting friends at the pool. I grew up at a pool similar to Overlee and worked at pools through college in roles from groundskeeper to swim coach to manager.
I’d be honored to continue my service on the Overlee Board. I’ve previously been President, Vice President, chair of the Operations, Technology and Dive/Synchro committees, and involved with the building of new pool and clubhouse. I’m currently the Facilities chair and member of the Finance, Membership and Technology committees.
If elected, I look forward to helping Overlee continue to be the best community pool around!

Megan McMorrow
My family first joined Overlee in the mid-1970s and I promptly entered the swimming program, first on Sunday Nights, then on the “B” and “A” teams. I spent nine years swimming competitively for Overlee.
But Overlee has always meant so much more to me than that. One of my first jobs was at Overlee working at the front desk, and I later became a lifeguard and Sunday Night Swimming instructor. The pool also was a place to hang out with my non-swim team friends and friends that attended different schools.
As an adult, one of the things I enjoy most about Overlee is how the pool brings together so many people from different circles of life. I often see three generations from the same family. It always puts a smile on my face that we share such a special bond. Life has gotten so complicated…it is nice to have the continuity of the community that is “Overlee”.
As a Board Member, I have served in the capacity of social chair, chair of the 50th and 60th Anniversary celebration committees, swim team liaison, long-range planning committee member and currently, clubhouse rentals and arranging classes through Fitness @ OVL. In the coming years, I look forward to continuing to serve Overlee on its Board of Directors, helping to ensure that Overlee remains the special place that it is.

Josh Roe
I have been living in Arlington, Virginia for 15 years and have been an Overlee member since 2011. Our son is in his second year with the School of Fish. Our 4-year-old daughter is loving the pool this year and swimming more than ever. My Civil Engineering degree from Bucknell University has given me the opportunity to build many great projects throughout the Washington, DC area, including at Marymount University, condominiums, and apartments. I am currently running Apple’s first north American flagship store in D.C. at the historic Carnegie Library. I am hoping my knowledge is helpful while navigating the bathhouse renovations this coming winter and any future endeavors that benefit all members. I appreciate you considering me and hope to be a helpful board member.

Billy Simons 
Having been a lifelong Arlingtonian and now as a member of Overlee pool, I would like to enter my name to run for a Board position.
Back in the early 1980s, I had my sixth-grade graduation party at Overlee and have fond memories of attending the pool since I was a child. Now, I have my own family coming to the pool and taking part in the many activities that the pool provides.
I graduated from Yorktown in 1991 and then attended college in Boston at Emerson College, graduating with a bachelors of science in mass communications in 1995. I then moved home for my first job working for Arlington County. I started on the leaf suction truck crew, and then painting lines on the street, fixing broken trash cans and cleaning up the garbage on the sides of the roads. The job allowed me to save up enough money so that I could get a better job and relocate. I was hired at CNN in Atlanta as a video journalist in the newsroom. I moved up to producer and ultimately was awarded the London position where I worked on what was called the super desk and managed all incoming news from Africa, Europe and the Middle East.
Upon returning to Atlanta, I knew that I wanted to change gears. That was when I got into insurance and returned to Washington in 2002. Since then, I have become the majority owner at my firm at Rust Insurance.
I have two kids, Holly, age 15 and Will, age 13. Along with my wife Rebecca, we are at the pool daily.

Mail, drop at the front desk or bring to July 25th meeting.
A printable copy of the ballot can be found HERE.

Voting Procedures:

  • Only One ballot per household. All ballots MUST be signed by an adult member of the member household.
  • Completed ballots may be submitted in any of the following ways BUT NOT ELECTRONICALLY.

Ballots can be:

  1. Mailed to: Overlee Nominating Committee, P.O. Box 5346, Arlington, VA 22205;
  2. Dropped off in the box at the front desk;
  3. Brought to the membership meeting before 6:45 pm.

All ballots MUST be received by 6:45 pm July 25th, 2018.

Candidates – Choose up to 6 (** current or previous Board service)

_______ Michael Bruce
_______ Andrea Furrow**
_______ Molly Ketcham
_______ Mike Maleski**
_______ Megan McMorrow**
_______ Todd Murdock**
_______ Josh Roe
_______ Billy Simons

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