Swim Team Update- Week of June 6, 2016


Hello Flying Fish Families,

We are two weeks into the season and the kids are looking great.  We have a few events coming up this week.  Please read this entire email.  Tuesday, June 7, is the day of the 8&U and SOF swim test.  Both groups will be swimming together during the regular 8&U and SOF practice times.  We ask that both 8&U and SOF swimmers arrive by 5:30pm for the 8&U practice time (normally at 5:45). Coaches will begin organizing the swimmers and assigning numbers.  Because of the large number of swimmers expected, we want to start on time in order to finish by 7pm.




When you arrive at the pool we will have people indicating where swimmers should report in order to get their numbers.  Parents, we ask that you assist your swimmer with cap (required) and goggles, and then send your swimmer to their proper reporting place.  No parents will be allowed on the pool deck, as there will be lots of little bodies running around. We want to keep the crowds to a minimum to alleviate any confusion.


We have been getting questions about what to expect and how decisions for team placement are made, so hopefully this email will answer those.




Standard requirements for both teams: 

Successful completion of each of the following:

  • 25 freestyle,
  • 25 backstroke, and
  • One minute (60 sec) of treading water.

During freestyle and backstroke, the swimmer must:

  • maintain a horizontal body position at all times
  • swim the entire length of the pool without stopping
  • may not stand, grab and/or pull on the lane lines


  • Freestyle Side breathing:  Is required for Swim Team. For SOF, a good attempt must be made.
  • Freestyle Starts: Head-first starts are required for Swim Team. Acceptable for SOF:  dive, jump or start from in the water.
  • Backstroke:  All swimmers must stay on their backs for the entire length of the pool, and must be on their backs when they touch the wall at the finish.  This applies to both Swim Team and SOF swimmers.
  • Treading water:  The head must stay above the surface for the entire minute for both Teams.




The Selection Process: 

All swimmers will be timed in both freestyle and backstroke. THESE TIMES WILL NOT BE MADE PUBLIC! Those who fall within the top 50-55 in both strokes will maintain or be offered a spot on Swim Team. Coaches’ discretion is used to fill in the final open slots. Please be aware that you may receive a call from a member of the Coaching Staff recommending that your child move into SOF from Swim Team or into the Overlee Group Lesson program from SOF.


Those we ask to move down into the group lesson program can receive a partial refund of their money.




Volunteers Needed!

On the day of the test, we will need Timers!  Parents, please plan to volunteer as we’ll need 3 timers for each lane. If you’re interested in getting involved, this is a great way to learn a skill and contribute to Overlee Swimming!


Please feel free to reach out to the team reps if further questions arise.



Swim- A- Thon June 11 during Saturday practice times.



Please be sure to collect pledges this week for our annual swim-a-thon. This year a portion of our proceeds will go to Swim Across America (SAA). We are happy to announce that representatives from SAA will be present at the swim-a-thon to hand out SAA swag. Additionally, each swimmer who participates will be entered to win a prize. If you cannot make it on Saturday, you may still make a donation to Overlee and SAA. Please use the attached pledge sheet to get your donations.


All donations should be handed in by Wednesday, June 15. The swimmers with the top three monetary donations will receive awards, consisting of private lessons with a coach, or Overlee swag. Award winners will be announced at our first Overlee pep rally on June 17.

Personalized caps! If you ordered personalized caps, we have them. Please see either Kristin or Gina at practice, or remind your child to see us, to pick them up. (we are kind of tired of lugging them around in our cars!) Sign up to volunteer this season Our Sign Up Genius is LIVE.  Please take the time to sign up for jobs for this season.  Remember, 5 hours of volnteer work per registered child.  Overlee is full of such fun, helpful people, and volunteering is a great way to get to know them all!  You may follow the link on the overlee.org web site under the heading “Sign up for jobs.”


Have a wonderful week. GO OVERLEE!

Kristin and Gina