Overlee Community Association is governed by its By-laws which can be amended during a General Membership Meeting.

Current By-Laws (amended 17 Feb 2016)

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By-Law Change Archive

(red-lined version) can be viewed by clicking: 2016 Proposed By-Law Changes
Summary of Proposed 2016 Changes:

The Overlee Board proposes the following modifications to the current by-laws:

Amendment 1Require Membership meetings in February and July; Elect Directors in July; Board Selection of officers after the July Membership Meeting  We propose moving general elections to July to hopefully get more participation. This basically requires us to add a second General Membership meeting in July. The February meeting would remain the meeting where the budget is approved. Currently, the February meeting can occur in February or March, the proposed changes would provide for two meetings per year, one in February and the other in July. The change also clarifies that the appointment of officers will occur at the Board meeting following the Membership meeting in July, rather than following the Membership meeting in February.

Amendment 2 – Allowing the board to replace Directors via election (or Board vote) when a Board position is vacated between elections  Currently, Board vote is the only way to elect new Director to serve the remainder of vacated term. We have recently been adding the partial term to regular Board elections. In order to meet the strict definition of the by-Laws, members elect the full term positions, then the Board takes the next highest vote-earner and appoints them to vacant term. The goal of the by-laws change is to simplify and allow for Board to use more democratic, member vote but keep the option open for a Board election.

Amendment 3Change the name of the Standing Committee called Publications to Communications to better reflect the increased use of digital and face-to-face communications.

Current ByLaws

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February 2014

Rationale for two amendments proposed and accepted at February 2014 can be found in the OVLnews2014-02.

Amendment #1:
The Overlee Board of Directors proposes the following modifications to the by-laws to allow for email delivery of some official communications to reduce costs and speed delivery of important information to members. As has been done in the past, we will allow an option for hard copy communication for those who might not have access to email.

Amendment #2:
The Overlee Board of Directors proposes to clarify longstanding practice on refundability of special assessments and/or fees. Only the initial capital contribution and the 1987 special assessment, for members who joined before 2002, may be refunded, at the Board’s discretion.

February 2008

The Overlee Board is proposing that certain amendments be made to the pool’s By-Laws, with the goal of updating the document so that it will provide clearer direction on the corporate governance of the pool (currently, the document contains a number of inconsistent terms and provisions, which can often lead to confusion).  Most of the proposed amendments clarify terms used in the By-Laws, and a summary and explanation of the more substantive proposed amendments can be found in the January 2008 Newsletter.

Click here to download a red-lined PDF copy of changes made to the by-laws in 2008.

February 2006

In an effort to update and streamline the Association’s Bylaws, the Overlee Board of Directors proposed the following amendments for consideration and approval by the General Members at the February 8 General Membership Meeting:

Article V, Section 2 would be amended to reflect the new application procedures for becoming a member whereby prospective members can call or send an e-mail beginning at a designated time on a specific date each year and ask to be placed on a temporary wait list. Names will be drawn from the list in the order in which they were received if there are open membership slots for that year. The current language calls for a written application coupled with a nonrefundable application fee. Article IV, Section 4.b. would be deleted. As it currently reads, Section 4.b. calls upon the nominating committee to submit a slate of candidates for open Board positions equal to at least twice the number of seats to be filled. Article V, Section 3 would be amended to grant the Board the authority, upon the affirmative vote of at least three-fourths of the Board members present and voting, to terminate the membership of a member if such member fails to pay the applicable fees or engages in acts or conduct that are detrimental to the best interests of the Association. The current language requires a majority vote of the General Members present and voting at a General Membership Meeting.

February 2004

The Annual Membership meeting for Overlee Community Association was held on Wednesday, February 11, 2004. The meeting was well attended and we appreciate the participation by all who were present. At that meeting, the budget for the coming year, as well as some important changes to the Association by-laws, were approved. The new annual fees for active members and the initiation fee for new members for 2004 were approved within the context of the budget. In addition, the membership approved the recommendation to set a yearly cap on refunds of capital contributions (Article V, Section 6). The cap was set at $25,000 for the current year. The membership also approved instituting the imposition of an annual fee for inactive members (Article II, Section lb(1)). (Archive 2004 version.)

February 2002

Early in 2002, the Board proposed a change in the By-Laws, which was adopted by the membership, to make the capital contribution for new members (that is, members who join in the 2002 season and beyond) non-refundable. The Board came to this decision given the Association’s current state of increasing expenditures, aging facilities and the deteriorating clubhouse. This measure will strengthen capital reserves to meet rising costs.