From Board of Directors (January 23, 2014, minor revisions February 19, 2015)

The Overlee Community Association was established more than a half century ago to “promote the general health, welfare and well-being of the members of the Association and of the Community in which we live.” Since the beginning of our Association, our membership has increased and our facilities have expanded. Nevertheless, we remain a “Community Association” run largely by members, and paid staff who are also members of our community.
In 2014, in response to concerns voiced by members, staff and management of certain repeated violations and lack of civility, your volunteer Board of Directors developed this policy setting forth behavior expectations. This policy is intended to remind members, staff and managers of the common understanding of essential rules and behaviors governing our Association. These expectations are to be read together with the By-laws of the Association . Accepting a membership or employment at Overlee means that you agree and accept to maintain and promote these expectations and policies. In particular, repeated violation of these policies shall be considered conduct prejudicial to the best interests of the Association under Article V, sections 2 and 3, concerning admission and separation from the Associaton.

Communications with Each Other

  • Members and Staff are asked to refrain from profanity. In recent seasons, our teenaged staff, in particular, have been the recipient of foul language from frustrated members.  This behavior is unacceptable, as is any similar behavior by staff.  Members with a complaint that is not resolved by the staff should ask to speak to a manager. If a manager is unable to resolve the complaint, he or she will refer the member to the Board point of contact.
  • Staff members who use profanity or intimidating behavior in interactions with members should be reported promptly to a manager. A member may also bring their concerns directly to the Board point of contact.
  • Members who use profanity or other intimidating behavior toward staff should also be identified to a manager or Board member.
  • Recognizing that misunderstandings frequently arise from mis-information, the Board and Staff will make every effort to clearly and timely post (through email announcements, website, and print, however most appropriate) and explain Rules and schedule changes during the season.

Collective Responsibility for Safety and Rules

  • The Pool manager and staff are primarily responsible for safety and we ask that Members follow directions from staff.
  • Members are required to supervise children at all times.
  • For both County licensing and safety reasons, no food and no glass containers are allowed on the concrete pool deck at any time. Water and water bottles only, please! Food is allowed on the terraces, in the park areas, and at the tables outside the front desk.
  • Maintaining the security of our exterior fence is an essential safety requirement, and required by County licensing and insurance. Unsupervised gates, which include gates propped open by a member for convenience, can allow vandalism, non-member access to the property, or can allow momentarily-unsupervised children to leave the premises. The clubhouse doors and all gates are a part of our exterior fencing and must be closed and locked when not supervised by staff.
  • Staff will enforce routine access to the pool through the front and back gate  only. All members who choose to use the back gate MUST show their membership cards upon entry. Members who require access to the clubhouse, who have limited mobility or otherwise require assistance to access the premises, or have forgotten or lost their cards may request assistance from staff. Members who receive this assistance may NOT prop open doors or allow others to enter without supervision by staff.
  • Members are responsible for understanding and following Pool Rules and Procedures, which are intended to ensure safe use of the Pool for all. Members are expected to explain Pool Rules to their guests. During the most crowded times, members should expect more strict enforcement – more whistling – than during less crowded tmes. Members are encouraged to request assistance from a manager to explain the rules if a member is frequently whistled or does not understand the reason for a correction from staff.
  • Members are asked to respect posted opening and closing times. During the summer season, the pool opens at 6 am and closes at 9 or 10 pm. In order to clean and close up before returning to work 8 or 9 hours later – our staff and managers need members to clear the pool deck, locker rooms, and terraces at closing times. Please plan in advance – parties should pack up so that the decks can be cleared at closing time – not 15 or 30 minutes later.
  • A member’s repeated violation of the Rules will be addressed by the Board of Directors, as provided in the Bylaws. Consequences for staff misconduct are outlined in the Employee Manual.


Original document can be downloaded here- MemberStaffExpectations2014