Guest Information

Active Member Families may bring up to:

  • nine (9) guests on weekdays and
  • four (4) guests on weekends & holidays

For example, a family of 5 may only bring 4 guests on Saturday afternoon, not 20.

Please see further detail provided below for guest groups larger than these thresholds.  (Large Groups & Clubhouse Rentals)

Member families must accompany their guests to the pool and must place their own names and each guest’s name in the Guest Registration Book at Front Desk as they enter.

Member families may not leave guests unaccompanied at Overlee at any time.  Paid guests who have signed into the register may leave Overlee and return (with accompanying member family present) in the same day.

Members are responsible for their guests’ behavior while they are at Overlee. All General Rules of conduct apply to guests at all times.

If the pool becomes crowded, the manager may restrict the number of guests and limit the times when guest privileges are allowed.

All guests must pay for entry, regardless of whether or not they use the pool.

All guest fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Guest Fees

Ages Cost Visits Notes
Single-Visit  All $6 1 paid at Front Desk
Ten-Swim All  $55 10 Online via MemberSplash Account
ChildcareProvider* All  $150 Season
House Guest* All $150 Season

*see details below

House Guest/Childcare Provider Pass

Only for summer house guests living with the member family and/or full-time child care providers.

  • 1 person: $150
  • 2 persons: $175
  • 3 or more persons: $200

August Passes

See August Pass page for more details

Large Groups (5-25 Guests)

Large Groups are defined as:

  • ten (10) or more Guests on weekdays
  • five (5) or more Guests on weekends
  • but in no event more than twenty-five (25) Guests.

Members bringing Large groups must:

  • request permission from the Pool Manager at least three (3) days in advance
  • provide a list of all guests and make full payment at least 48 hours in advance


  • Overlee reserves the right to turn away large groups not pre-approved and paid.
  • The manager may apply the large group policy to smaller groups if the manager believes the smaller groups are part of a larger group that has been subdivided to avoid compliance with Overlee large group policy.

Groups Required to Rent Clubhouse (25+ Guests)

Overlee requires members hosting groups of twenty-five (25) or more Guests to rent the clubhouse.  See Clubhouse Rental for more info.