This page records the Rules and Procedures of the Overlee Community Association, Inc. (Overlee). The Overlee Board of Directors (Board) is charged with management of the Association and is the creator and final arbiter of all rules and policies. The Board of Directors and its committees continually review rules and procedures and welcome input from Members and guests. Suggestions can be sent to the Operations Chair of Overlee’s Board.

Definitions in this page:

  • Members: Active Members of the Association and all family members properly named per Overlee membership policies.
  • Guests: any person using Overlee facilities who is not an Active Member of the Association.
  • Adults: persons 21 years of age or older.

Manager’s Authority

The manager on duty shall have final and conclusive authority to interpret and enforce all pool rules on site.  The manager’s authority includes, but is not limited to, denying admission to or ejecting any persons who fail to observe the rules or who, in the manager’s judgment are endangering themselves or others or interfere with the enjoyment of the pool by other members or their guests.  A member who disagrees with a manager’s decision may ask that their disagreement be written down and forwarded to the board for consideration, but the member is expected to comply with the manager’s decision on site.

Weather Policy

When weather or other conditions dictate that the pool area should be closed in the interest of safety (for example, during storms with thunder and lightning, or during heavy rain when life guards cannot see the bottom of the pool) the pool manager shall have the authority to close the pool. In the event of lightning or dangerous weather, the pool will normally remain closed for at least 30 minutes following the storm and/or reopen at the discretion of the manager. Parents are reminded that it is their responsibility to provide transportation, if necessary, for their children in the event that the pool is closed.

General Rules


  • Members must enter through the bathhouse entrance that faces John Marshall Drive.
  • Memberships are not transferable. Only the person whose name appears on the member account may enter. Unauthorized use of a membership may result in suspension of membership privileges for the remainder of the season.


  • Do not talk to a lifeguard who is on duty unless it is a matter of safety. Questions should be addressed to manager on duty or lifeguards not in a lifeguard chair.
  • No horseplay.
  • Running is prohibited on pool decks, in bathhouse, and on clubhouse decks.
  • Dive from the pool’s edge only where permitted or from a diving board.
  • Audio devices should be used only with headphones.
  • While the use of cell phones is permitted, please be considerate of those around you and speak in a conversational tone of voice. If you need to raise your voice to be heard or are making a business call, please be polite to your neighbors and place your call from a location where you cannot be overheard by others.
  • Showers should be taken only when entering and leaving the pool.
    Water and heating costs are expensive and we all pay for them.
  • No smoking.  Smoking is prohibited on the Overlee property.
  • Do not cut through anyone’s yard on the way to the pool unless you have permission.
  • Locker rooms close 15 minutes following the closing of the pool.
  • Lap swimmers should follow the guidelines outlined in “Lap Swimming Etiquette.”
  • Do not leave valuables in the “cubbies.”
  • Members and guests must follow all applicable laws while on Overlee property.
  • Members and Guests are expected to maintain behavior appropriate for the safe, fun, family-friendly Overlee community. 

Swimwear, Accessories, Equipment, and Toys

  • Street clothes are not permitted in the pool.
  • Floating devices are allowed only in the social pool or baby pool, provided the pools are not too crowded, at manager’s discretion.
  • Hard balls are not allowed in any pool with the exception of the basketball provided by Overlee for use only in the water basketball area. “Nerf” balls may be used provided they do not interfere with others’ enjoyment of the pool. Over-zealous ball playing is prohibited. Ball throwing from the pool deck is prohibited.
  • Toys are only allowed in baby pool.
  • Rollerblading, skateboarding, and scooters are prohibited on all Overlee grounds.
  • Flippers/fins are permitted only in the lap pool or designated lap lanes.
  • Snorkels are not permitted in any pool.  Special permission may be granted at the discretion of management for lap swimming with medical recommendation.

Age and Ability

  • Children who are not toilet-trained must be wearing clothing designed to keep diapers contained when in the water.
  • Children who are not toilet-trained may not enter the main pool or the lap pool.
  • The Baby Pool is limited to children ages 6 and under. The baby pool is intended for children who, because of age or limited swimming ability, may not safely or comfortably use other pools.  They must be accompanied by and under the supervision of an adult or adult-designated babysitter at all times.
  • 3-and-unders may use the social pool and baby pool during break times, provided that each child is accompanied in the water by an adult or adult-designated babysitter.
  • Children may swim in water over their shoulders provided they have passed the basic swimming test which consists of both:
    • swimming 60 feet freestyle with breathing, and
    • treading water for one minute.
  • Children under 10 must always be accompanied by and under the supervision of an adult member or adult-designated babysitter.
  • Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult or adult-designated sitter after 6 p.m.
  • During break times, all those under the age of 16 must exit the pool, except those 3-and-under as mentioned above
  • After 6 pm, children under 13 may not use lap lanes in the lap pool.

Diving Boards

  • Dive straight out from the diving boards.  Forward and backward diving are both permitted.
  • After diving from the center diving board, swim directly to the rope and then either exit the diving well into the main pool or swim to the ladder on either side of the diving well without swimming in front of other divers.
  • After diving from either exterior diving board, swim either directly to the ladder on that side of the diving well or directly out into the main pool.
  • Do not attempt to jump or dive beyond the center of the diving area where the water becomes more shallow.
  • One bounce only.
  • Sitting on the diving boards is not permitted.
  • Do not dive until the diver in front has left the diving well or reached the ladder.
  • Only one person is allowed on the diving board at a time. Do not ascend the ladder to the board until the previous diver has left it.
  • General swimming is not allowed in the diving area when diving boards are in use.  If diving boards are not in use, swimmers may ask the manager on duty for permission to swim in the diving area.  Swimmers must clear diving area for any person wishing to use the diving board.
  • Face masks, goggles and glasses must be removed before diving.

Water Basketball

  • The basketball may only be thrown or shot from the pool (not from the deck or wall).
  • Hanging from the basket is not permitted.
  • Adjusting the basket is not permitted.
  • The basketball hoop in the shallow end is reserved for those 12 and under and their parents except during break times.


  • The volleyball court is for volleyball use only—no soccer or dodgeball
  • Volleyball games take priority over all other non-volleyball games on the court.
  • Games played to 21 points unless more than 1 team is waiting, in which case games will be played to 15

Food and Drink

  • Food and drinks are prohibited in the pool, pool deck areas and in the bathhouse.   The only exception is water in non-breakable containers.
  • Glass objects, including baby bottles, are prohibited except on the clubhouse Terrace and adjacent, upper-level Snack Shack Park, where they must be kept in coolers or other appropriate containers.
  • Chewing gum is prohibited.

Guest Information

Active Member Families may bring up to:

  • nine (9) guests on weekdays and
  • four (4) guests on weekends & holidays

For example, a family of 5 may only bring in 4 guests on Saturday afternoon, not 20.

Please see further detail provided below for guest groups larger than these thresholds. (Large Groups & Clubhouse Rentals)

August Pass Purchasers are not eligible to bring guests to the pool.  

Member families must accompany their guests to the pool and must place their own names and each guest’s name in the Guest Registration Book at Front Desk as they enter.

Member families may not leave guests unaccompanied at Overlee at any time. Paid guests who have signed into the register may leave Overlee and return (with accompanying member present) in the same day.

Members are responsible for their guests’ behavior while they are at Overlee. All General Rules of conduct apply to guests at all times.

If the pool becomes crowded, the manager may restrict the number of guests and limit the times when guest privileges are allowed.

All guests must pay for entry, regardless of whether or not they use the pool.

All guest fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Guest Fees

Single-Visit Fees

All ages: $6

Fees must be paid in cash at Front Desk

Ten-Swim Passes

10 guest visits (adult or child): $55 each

Must purchase online via MemberSplash account.  Contact for more information.

House Guest/Nanny Pass

Only for summer house guests living with the member family and/or full-time child care providers.

  • 1 person: $150
  • 2 persons: $175
  • 3 or more persons: $200

Contact for more information.

August Passes

See August Pass page for more details

Large Groups (5-25 Guests)

Large Groups are defined as:

  • ten (10) or more Guests on weekdays
  • five (5) or more Guests on weekends
  • but in no event more than twenty-five (25) Guests.

Members bringing Large groups must:

  • request permission from the Pool Manager at least three (3) days in advance
  • provide a list of all guests and make full payment at least 48 hours in advance


  • Overlee reserves the right to turn away large groups not pre-approved and paid.
  • The manager may apply the large group policy to smaller groups if the manager believes the smaller groups are part of a larger group that has been subdivided to avoid compliance with Overlee large group policy.

Groups Required to Rent Clubhouse (25+ Guests)

Overlee requires members hosting groups of twenty-five (25) or more Guests to rent the clubhouse. See Clubhouse Rental for more info.