2020 Training for Employees

Training Overview

All employees hired for lifeguard, instructor, or coaching positions are required to be Lifeguard/ CPR/ First Aid/ AED certified.  Employees are responsible for completing (or maintaining) this training prior to beginning their employment at Overlee. Employees are hired based on this certification, therefore failure to complete training will affect employment status.  Lifeguarding certifications are good for 2 years.  You must take re-certification classes before your certification expires.

You may complete your training at Overlee or another organization but it must be completed prior to employment.

Swim Instructor Certification

(Guards, Instructors & Coaches)

The Commonwealth of Virginia requires all Guards, Coaches and Swim Instructors fifteen (15) years of age to complete a swim instructor training class BEFORE they can work.

  • Online classes (see below)
  • Overlee refunds course fee (up to $35)
  • Must have Lifeguard certification prior to course
  • Certification paperwork needs to be on file before working

 Swim Instructor Certificate Approved Classes

Swim Lessons University

Spring 2020 Lifeguard Certification Classes @ Overlee

If you know anyone outside of Overlee who is interested in taking the Overlee class please email Melissa at [email protected]

  • New Lifeguards:
    • You have been enrolled in the lifeguarding blended learning course.  You should receive an email directly from Red Cross to go the course.
    • You must complete the blended learning course prior to the in class skills (in water) sessions listed below.  Once completed please send Melissa the proof of completion.
      • June 10th 8am-4pm
      • June 11th 8am-4pm
      • June 12th 8am-4pm
      • June 13th 8am-4pm
    • You must attend 2 consecutive in person water skill days.  Please email [email protected] to let them know what days you plan to attend.
    • $300 (Checks Payable To Greg York) *Includes Mask and Manual.
    •  Lifeguarding Manual
  • Re-certification Course:
    • We have processed an extension on your certs through Red Cross.
    • If you are an August recert, we will honor the latest certs date you have.
    • All recerts will need to attend 1 of the dates above to recert.  You must attend 1 in person water skill days.  Please email [email protected] to let them know what days you plan to attend.
    • $150 (Does not include manual or mask. Please bring these materials with you).
    • Mask $15.00 in addition to cost of the class (if necessary).
    •  Lifeguarding Manual
    • Red Cross Lifeguarding Review Videos

BOTH Re-certification and New Certification: To prepare for the class please read/review the Red Cross Lifeguard manual & watch online videos prior to the class. You are responsible for knowing the material in the manual, and completing all required online portions.

Re-certification: Please review the course videos prior to the re-certification class (link is provided above).  Please bring your mask to the class for it is NOT provided. If you do not have a mask one can be purchased at the class for $15. If you do not bring your mask you will be charged for a replacement mask. 

On the first day of class please arrive 10 minutes prior to the start time with payment. The class will start promptly at 8:00 am. Please bring a swimsuit and towel. Checks can be made payable to Greg York. If you have any questions please email [email protected]

Lifeguard Certification Classes by other providers