Association By-Laws state that each General Membership shall be based on a single household.  See Membership & Dues for details.

Each year, Overlee General Members choose which membership plan best suits their family for the summer.   To help in this choice, see below for descriptions of the various options and rules for account holders.  If you still have questions, contact Maureen McManus at

Membership Types

Each person entering the pool must state their Household Account Last Name or Overlee Member Number at the Front Entrance or be signed in as a Guest of a Member.

See Admission Rules for more details.

Rules for Membership
  • only permanent household members can be included on the membership
  • a photo of each household member must be uploaded to their account
  • memberships are not transferable
  • at least one parent member in family is listed as the primary account holder
  • you can add family members at any time (this may affect the membership plan required)
  • passes for summer house guests and non-household member childcare providers are purchased separately
Special Guest Passes for Non permanent residents
  • summer house guests living with the member family and/or full-time child care providers (i.e., not occasional baby sitters) are eligible for special guest passes
  • a signed letter explaining the above situations may be required to verify eligibility
  • Childcare provider passes & Summer house guest passes
  • Guest Passes may be used as well
  • these passes can be purchased from the Household account or by contacting Business Manager at

See Guest Rules for more details.

Abuse of membership plan or childcare provider/house guest privileges can result in loss of membership for the remainder of season.

Membership Plan Comparison

               Type                         Plan     Persons Fee
   per    Season   Guests Clubhouse Rental
Class Discount   Notes
Active Summer 7+ 7+ $900 Plan Regular Yes Yes Yes
Active Summer 5-6 5-6 $880 Plan Regular Yes Yes Yes
Active Summer 3-4 3-4 $855 Plan Regular Yes Yes Yes
Active Summer 1-2 2* $725 Plan Regular Yes Yes Yes
Active Extended Season 1 $165 Member Extended No NA NA add-on
Inactive Gold Pass 1-2 $125 Member Regular No Yes Yes 25 swims
Inactive Inactive NA $125 Plan NA No Yes Yes
Non-Member* August Pass Family $525 Plan August No No No 100 max
*see details below for each plan, Season schedules can be found at Pool Hours


See Join Overlee page for fees due 1st year.  The new member Initiation Fee of $3,000 is one-time and non-refundable.


Active Member Plans

Families who want to use the pool regularly for the summer choose one of the four Active Member Plans depending on the number of family members.  Overlee By-Laws limit the number of Active Member households each season to 800.

Summer 7+ Household Members

Families with 7 or more members who regularly use the pool usually choose this Active Member Plan.

Summer 5-6 Household Members

Families with 5-6 members who regularly use the pool usually choose this Active Member Plan.

Summer 3-4 Household Members

Families with 3-4 members who regularly use the pool usually choose this Active Member Plan.

Summer 1 or 2 cards

Families with 1 or 2 members who regularly use the pool usually choose this Active Member Plan.  One cardholder must be adult, member of record.  Households comprised of 1 person will also receive a “Guest Of” pass.

Extended Season Add-On

A separate, extended-season membership is available to Active Members, age 16 and older as an add-on to Active Member Plans. The heated pool is open for extended-season members (lap swimming only) before and after the regular season on weekends and weekdays (early-bird and evening hours.)  Extended Season memberships can be added at any time, but the fee remains the same (no pro-rated fees.)  See Pool Hours for extended-season dates and times.  The annual fee is per person and listed in comparison table above.

Inactive Member Plans

Gold Pass Membership

General Members of Overlee Community Association for 15 years or more (i.e., the membership has been in their name for 15 years or more) are eligible for Gold Pass Memberships.

It is an option offered to “active” and “inactive” 15-year members who may not wish to pay full annual dues for infrequent use of the pool.

The Gold Pass membership holder is entitled to 25 swims during the Regular Season.  Details and Rates are shown in the comparison table above.

Gold Pass Membership holders are officially  “inactive” members with privileges to rent the clubhouse.  However, they are not eligible to bring guests to the pool.

Gold Pass Membership holders are not required to pay the annual inactivity fee.

A Gold Pass membership is not transferable and does not preclude a return to full active membership status in the future.

Gold Pass Memberships are only for adult member(s) of record (ie the original membership purchasers)  not for dependents or others.  You are not eligible for the Gold Pass Membership if there are “active” members in your household.  Also, children and grandchildren of members are not eligible for a Gold Pass Membership.

Inactive Membership

General Members choose to be Inactive when they don’t plan to use the pool during the summer due to travel plans, temporary work relocations, or other reasons.  To be an Inactive Member for the season the inactivity fee applies.

An inactive membership will receive a renewal notification each year and can resume an active membership by paying the active membership annual dues and any other applicable fees by the stated due date.

It is the member’s responsibility to update their member account or notify the association of any changes in their email address that may affect receipt of their membership renewal notice.

For members who joined prior to February 13, 2002, the inactivity fee will automatically be deducted from the capital contribution (until a zero balance is reached) unless a payment is received.

For members who joined after Feb. 13, 2002, payment of the annual inactivity fee is required.

Inactive Members can rent the clubhouse.  Details and Rates are shown in the comparison table above.

August Pass

The August Pass program is designed for non-members* to enjoy Overlee when many members are on vacation and pool attendance is low.  The August Pass allows a family to use the pools at Overlee from August 1st until August 31st.  August Pass Holders are NOT members of Overlee and are not granted member privileges beyond pool usage. See August Pass and table above for rates & details.

*A member may purchase August Pass if it meets their needs for the summer. Members may contact Maureen McManus at to discuss this option if interested.