Lap Swimming

Overlee has a strong group of dedicated lap swimmers who swim and socialize for fun and fitness.  Many of our lap swimmers are in the heated lap pool April through October with the Extended Season Pass often before work or into the late summer evenings.  They organize potluck breakfasts and socials.  With a variety of fitness levels and goals, they are welcoming to new swimmers of all abilities.  If you have questions, contact our lap swimming Board Chair at [email protected] or just hop in for a few laps!

Lap Swimming Etiquette

To make your swim as safe and enjoyable as possible, please observe the following etiquette.
Above all, please be considerate of the fact that our lap swimmers represent
a wide ranges of ages and abilities. Enjoy your swim!

Important Safety Considerations
  • Use feet-first entry or shallow racing dives.
    No diving when other swimmers are present in your lane.
  • Inform the other swimmer(s) in your lane before changing lane flow
  • Stay to your side.
  • Be aware of other swimmers who may be entering or crossing your lane.
    Some swimmers will need to cross lanes to get to and from the stairs.
Lane Protocols


General Guidelines
  • Circle swimming is encouraged during peak times.
  • Be considerate of swimmers with disabilities or special needs.
  • Swim continuously from end to end. If necessary, rest at the end. Hang from the pool side, not the lane lines.
  • Pick your lane according to your speed. Change lanes if necessary.
  • Slower swimmers, rest at ends to allow faster swimmers to pass.
  • Fins, pull buoys, paddles, and kick-boards are permitted, but should be used with care and consideration of others. Other training devices permitted only at the lifeguard’s discretion.
  • Keep it fun!
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