Schools and Classes

Water Babies Preschool 

Overlee’s Water Babies Preschool is intended for children who are 9 months to 2 years old. Swimmers are accompanied in the water by their parent or guardian. The focus of this class is on helping parent/guardians and children become acclimated to the water, and basic swimming skills. It is also designed to inform parent/ guardians about how to support their swimmers’ acclimation and progression.

Swim School

Overlay’s Swim School encompasses all swimmers between the ages of 2 1/2-9 years old. The levels of Orange and Black are separated between age groups: 3-5 years old and 5 and above.

This program consists of  different levels which are dedicated to teaching children the fundamentals of swimming, culminating in the development of a rudimentary freestyle and mastery over the basic skills of backstroke.

Swim School Levels
Level Swimmer Is Able To: Focus Intermediary Goals Benchmark Goals
White-       2.5- 4  years- 30 Minutes-Social Pool Be separate from parent or caregiver for 30 minutes. Comfort and Submersion *Submerge independently for 5 seconds *Independent front float (with face submerged) and back float for 5 seconds

Orange- 3-5 years and 5-8 years- 30 minutes

Be comfortable with submersion

Float for 5 sec unassisted

Body Position and Forward Motion *Jump into water, kick to surface, and kick on belly with arm extended for 5 yards. *Jump into water, kick to surface, and move forward using kick and arm circles for 10 yards. Return kicking on back.

Black-    3-5 years and 5-8 years- 30 minutes


Maintain forward motion with kick and rudimentary arm circles Rotational (Side) Breathing and Introduction to Backstroke *Tread water for 30 seconds.* Jump into water, kick to surface, swim freestyle with rotational, breathing 1/2 way across main pool   *Tread water for 1 minute.*Jump into water, kick to surface, and swim freestyle ½ way across the pool breathing to the side using rotational breathing, take a short break & return in the same manner (Deep Water Test Standards)

Stroke School

The remaining levels, known as the Stroke School, are reserved for more advanced swimmers (ages 5-9) who want to further develop the freestyle and backstroke technique in addition to mastering the other two competitive strokes of breaststroke and butterfly. All sessions will be 30 minutes..

Stroke School Levels

Level Swimmer Able To: Focus Intermediary Goal Benchmark Goal

Stroke School 1

5 -9 years

60 Minutes

Swim freestyle breathing to the side more than half way across the pool, but not all of the way. Tread for one minute.

Freestyle and Backstroke *Swim 25 yards of freestyle using proper technique (pattern breathing, high elbow recovery, etc)*Swim 25 yards of backstroke using proper technique (body rotation/position, arm recovery, etc.)

*Swim 50 yards.

25 yards freestyle and 25 yards backstroke counting to 5 between lengths.

Stroke School 2

5-9 years

60 Minutes

Swim 50 yards.25 yards of freestyle and 25 yards of backstroke. Recommend completing Stroke School- 1  Breaststroke and Butterfly *Swim 25 yards of breaststroke with proper timing, breath, and extension.*Complete 5 strokes of butterfly lifting face to breathe once, and complete 25 yards in freestyle. *Swim 50 yards. 25 yards breaststroke and return by swimming 10 yards of butterfly finishing the length in freestyle. Counting to 5 between lengths.