2023 USA Diving:

Congratulations to Cici Yen and Michayla Eisenberg for qualifying for the USA Diving Junior National Diving Championship that will be at the end of July in California.


2022 NVSL Highlights:

Archer Kouhestani was our top boys’ point winner

CiCi Yen was our undefeated Junior Girls and top girls’ point earner

6 divers qualified and competed in All Stars:

McKay Deegan (1st place Freshmen in Divisionals)

Kenly McAllister (2nd place Freshmen Divisionals)

Archer Kouhestani (2nd place Freshmen Divisionals)

Stella Barclay (Intermediate Girls’ All-Star Champion)

Sophie Deegan

Michayla Eisenberger (Senior Girls’ All-Star Champion)

Wally Martin

CiCi Yen (1st place Junior Girls)

Michayla Eisenberg (3rd place Senior Girls)



Your OVL Dive Reps
Shalla Ross 
Deb Cohen

Elizabeth Deegan