We need A LOT of help to make our meets run smoothly!  Please visit the volunteer link below to sign up.  Every family should plan to volunteer for at least 3-4 jobs per diver during the season–we have 3 home meets in a row this year we cannot underscore enough that we need EVERY family helping out. Please read the dive meet job descriptions below to learn about the different types of help we need.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Dive Team VOLUNTEER sign up

Dive Job Descriptions 

Dive Meet Jobs

Table Workers: This is a job for someone who likes to work with numbers. A side benefit is you get a good seat and you meet people from other teams. There are several jobs at the table. Most jobs include adding and double-checking someone else’s adding. Calculators are available. Easy on the job training provided. Time required: part or duration of meet.

Meet Secretary: Lists all divers from both teams prior to meet. Records and tallies the scores of the meet while in progress. Works closely with ribbon writer. Time required: duration of meet (this is done by one of the dive reps so keep in mind if you ever want to be a dive rep in the future)

Ribbon Writer: Records scores on labels provided and attaches these to provided ribbons. Time required: duration of meet. (this is done by one of the dive reps)

Judge: This gives you the best seat in the house! Judges watch each dive and give a corresponding score. There are 5 judges at each meet. The high and low score are tossed out and the middle 3 are used for the final score. This is not as scary as it sounds. Judges need to attain a basic training session; bring a friend! It’s free and fun and we’ll keep practicing as the season progresses. As a new Judge we will start you out on the younger divers and move you up, as you feel comfortable. It’s a great way to learn the sport and support your kids. Time required: Half a meet or duration of the meet

Referee: This job requires additional training and should be attempted by someone who has been a judge for at least two years. Referees ensure rules are upheld. We will provide an experienced referee to co-referee with you at your first meet. The amenities include refreshments & gratitude. Time required: duration of meet.

Announcer: Home Meets only. This requires minimal training. Additionally the announcer should have a good understanding of dive numbers, a quick paced delivery, and unbiased patience. Time required: Duration of meet.

Looking for a few good people to take on a leadership role for:

Concessions chairman: Shops for food for home meets or coordinate with restaurants to bring in food to sell at home meets. This job can be shared by two people- one person for Competitive home meets (2 meets) and one person to do this for developmental home meets (2 meets). This person is the go to person for the dive snack and food grill bar during the meet. You will have a crew of 3-4 volunteers for each of the 2 shifts. Time required: duration of meet

Concessions worker: Sells food and snacks during meets. The earlier shift helps with set up, filling coolers with ice and drinks, cutting watermelon, setting out food, starts grilling burgers and hotdogs. The later session continues with grilling/selling, and helps with cleanup of the snack bar, storing things for the next meet.  Only takes 3-4 folks who get along. Time required: 1 ½ hour shifts (5-6:30, 6:30-8)

Photographer/Video:  We need a parent or two to take charge of the end of year video!