Swim season is here and I really have some questions!

Where do I find information about the practices, meets, and social events for the team?

We will email you weekly with a schedule for the upcoming week.  Read this email carefully- it contains all the information you need for that week!

Also, the Overlee Swim Team Page has the meet & practice schedules, team handbook, and will answer most questions about the team.

Where do I find the Overlee handbook?

There is a link to a PDF version of the handbook here and on the website.

Where do I find the NVSL swimming rules and other NVSL data?

NVSL information may be found on the web at the NVSL’s website.

On that site you will find:

  • The NVSL Handbook and Rules
  • Results of all meets in the NVSL
  • Fastest swimmers in each stroke/age group

Where do I buy the team suit?

Sport Fair, 5010 Lee Highway, Arlington, VA  PH: 703.524.9500

Do I need a cap, goggles and fins?

Each swimmer should bring the following items to every practice: a swim cap, clear or light colored goggles, a pair of reflective or mirrored goggles, fins, and a water bottle. Please apply sunscreen to your swimmer before practices.

Although not required, it is highly recommended that swimmers wear personalized swim caps as this allows the coaches to more easily communicate with swimmers.

Can I donate old fins to the team?

Yes. If you have any fins that are too small, and aren’t being used, consider donating them to the swim team. We can use them as back-up fins when someone forgets to bring fins to practice. We have a bin we can store them in by the lifeguard office.

When will the team photo be taken?

It is scheduled for the Saturday of the Orange and White meet.

What is the Orange and White meet?

This intra-squad meet is the first meet of the swim season. During the Orange and White Meet, swimmers may swim all events and establish seed times for the upcoming season. This is a very important meet, as it is the only time that the coaches can get swim times for each swimmer in every stroke.  The coaches use these times to plan for our first Saturday NVSL Dual Meet.

If a swimmer cannot attend the Orange and White Meet, it is his/her responsibility to contact the Coach and Team Reps immediately to have the absence pre-approved. The Team Reps will then provide a makeup session for this swimmer to establish seed times for the first Saturday NVSL Dual Meet.  A swimmer who cannot attend the Orange and White Meet OR the makeup session will not be able to swim in a Saturday NVSL Dual Meet until he/she has established seed times.

My child will not be here for a Saturday meet and/or several practices. Who do I tell?

Coaches and Team Reps need to know if your swimmer will be absent for a Saturday NVSL Dual Meet as soon as possible, preferably at the time of registration for the Swim Team. Please notify the Team Reps as soon as possible if anticipated absences arise during the summer. If a swimmer cannot attend an NVSL Dual Meet where he/she is slated to swim due to sudden illness, please contact one of the Team Reps immediately.

How do I know if my child is scheduled to swim on Saturday or Monday?

Swimmers who are selected by the coaches to swim in Saturday NVSL Dual Meets will receive an email Thursday night and have their names posted on the Swim Team bulletin board in the Overlee breezeway. This list will be posted no later than Friday morning after the list is exchanged with the opposing team on Thursday evening. Swimmers who are selected to swim in Saturday NVSL Dual Meets are required to confirm their availability with a Team Rep as soon as they have received the Thursday night e-mail.

In addition to Saturday NVSL Dual Meets, Overlee holds Monday Developmental Meets with other area pools. The Monday Developmental Meets are open to all Swim Team members.   These are developmental, unscored meets. Swimmers are awarded place and competitor ribbons. Swim times are recorded.

The Monday Meet Coordinators will send an email to all registered Swim Team members each week notifying swimmers and parents of the upcoming Monday Developmental Meet, sign-up procedures, and applicable sign-up deadlines.

What if my child is scheduled to swim a Saturday meet and they wake up sick?

Call and email the Team Reps that very second. This is extremely important! We can substitute for a swimmer if we know they are sick. If we wait for your child and they do not show, a lane goes empty.

What if it rains the morning or afternoon of the meet?

THE MEET WILL USUALLY GO ON! Please do not make any assumptions.  Please note that swim meets may be delayed because of thunderstorms. However, swimmers should always report for the meet, regardless of weather predictions.  We will email if there are any cancellations.

What if it rains DURING a meet?

The officials will tell you where to go.

Where do we go the morning or evening of an away meet?

For NVSL Dual Away Meets, swimmers and parents meet in the back parking lot at Overlee and caravan together to the opposing pool. Maps and directions will be available to all drivers.

For Monday night away meets, we encourage families to carpool, but we do not caravan to the meet.

Do we gather after the Saturday meets?


  • after home meets we share lunch on the clubhouse deck.
  • after away meets we meet for lunch at a local restaurant, details to follow

Do we gather after the Monday meets?

No—the Monday meets have a snack bar where you can buy dinner.

What if I have a question about my child?

Ask your Team Rep first. If we cannot answer your query, we will get you in touch with the right person.

What is the sock hop?

It is a party for all the swimmers, held on an evening in June. There is a DJ, games, food and drinks, and the kids get together in a non-pool setting to get to know each other and the coaches and have a great time!

What is a pep rally?

A pep rally is the time for ALL the swimmers to get together and get psyched for the upcoming meets. They occur on Friday afternoons from 5:00-6:00pm and have scheduled events. They are to get ready for Saturday and Monday meets!

Please remember, this is for the kids only! Parents are encouraged to attend the parent deck social instead.

What is the parent social on the deck?

This also occurs at 5:00-6:00pm on Fridays. It is designed to give ALL the parents an opportunity to get to know one another. When the pep rally ends, so does the social on the deck.

How do I volunteer?

There is a link on the swim team webpage called Sign Up for Jobs. From here you will be able to select from several volunteer opportunities. The sign up is available when preseason swim practice starts. Parents are required to volunteer 10 hours for the first swimmer, up to 15 hours per family. For questions please contact a Team Rep.

What is the most important thing to remember?

That this is for the children, and we want them to have FUN, FUN, FUN!