Practice Schedule

2018 PRESEASON Practice Schedule (5/14-5/18)


5:20-6:00pm School of Fish (SoF) LAP POOL

2018 PRESEASON Practice Schedule (5/21-6/22)


3:30-4:15pm Seniors (13&Over) LAP POOL
4:15-5:00pm 9-10s LAP POOL
5:00-5:45pm 11-12s LAP POOL
5:45-6:25pm 8&Unders LAP POOL
6:25-7:00pm School of Fish (SoF) LAP POOL

Saturday, May 26: No Practice (Memorial Day)

Monday, May 28: No Practice (Memorial Day)

Thursday, May 31: Swim Test for ALL 8&Unders and SoF from 5:45-7:00pm

Friday, June 15: There will be no SoF practice to accommodate the pep rally.

Friday, June 22: There will be no SoF practice to accommodate the pep rally.

2018 PRESEASON Saturday Practice and SWIM-A-THON

June 2

7:00-8:00am 10&Unders LAP POOL
8:00-9:00am 11&Overs LAP POOL

June 9 (SWIM-A-THON)

7:00-8:00am 9-12s LAP POOL
8:00-9:00am Seniors (13&Over) LAP POOL
9:00-10:00am 8&Unders & SoF LAP POOL

2018 SUMMER Practice Schedule (6/25-7/27)


7:00-7:45am Make-Up Practice MAIN POOL
7:45-8:45am Seniors (13&Over) MAIN POOL
8:45-9:45am 9-10s MAIN POOL
9:45-10:45am 11-12s MAIN POOL
11:00am-12:00pm 8&Unders LAP POOL
3:30-4:15pm Seniors/Clinics as Announced (T-Th) LAP POOL
4:15-5:00pm SoF (M-Th) LAP POOL

Wednesday, July 4: There will be no practices.

For the weeks of 7/8 and 7/15, practice times will switch for 11-12s and 8&Unders. During these times, 8&Unders will practice from 9:45-10:45am in the main pool and 11-12s will practice from 11:00am-12:00pm in the lap pool. This gives the 8&Unders an opportunity to practice in the main pool where meets will be held.

**Schedule changes and additional clinics will be announced in the weekly swim team email.**

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