2017 Synchro Team Registration

Please note that you must be a member of Overlee Pool to register for the synchro team, unless you have previously been a member of the synchro team.  To register, you must be able to pass the Overlee Pool deep water swim test and be a strong swimmer.

Very Important Notes About Registration:

  1. This is a new system and your previous registration login will not work.  This login info will also be different from your Overlee Membership login.
  2. If you have used to register for an athletic event in the past, your login information will work. If your account is old, please change your password in advance as they are experiencing authentication issues with older accounts.
  3. For immediate technical support you can reach out to Active at 1-877-692-0111 Option 3.  Let them know you are from the Overlee Community Association and you’re dealing with Case #04837196.  For other questions, please contact Garry Young ([email protected]) or your Synchro team reps Hollee Alexander ([email protected]) or Colleen Kotb ([email protected])
  4. There will be an magazine subscription offer that we cannot get rid of.  Feel free to ignore it.  This is NOT a fundraising item for Overlee.


Colleen & Hollee


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