What is the lesson program at Overlee Community Association?

It is an Overlee developed swim lesson program that caters to swimmers of all different levels of ability and comfort with trained and talented instructors. Although each class has a variety of skills that are mastered, each class has a clearly defined skill or skill set that a swimmer must be able to demonstrate in order to continue to the next level. These are called Benchmark Goals.  In contrast, Intermediary Goals are intended to celebrate the mastery of more than half of the skills needed to move forward. Our swimmer range in age from nine months to ten years old. We begin with comfort and submersion and continue through breaststroke and butterfly clinics. It is a perfect option for swimmers who want to develop their stroke, enjoy swimming, perhaps are preparing for a swim club or swimming laps with family, and above all want to have fun.

What are the different levels of the program?

Please visit the Group Lesson Levels webpage more details about the levels.

Who can register for group swim lessons at Overlee?

Both members and non-members can register for group lessons. Member registration will be prioritized if a class becomes full.
We have options for swimmers between the ages of nine months to nine years old who are at various levels of ability and comfort.

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Who can take advantage of private lessons?

Private lessons are for members only. There will be a list of individuals who offer private lessons posted in the bathhouse’s breezeway. Their contact information, areas of concentration, training or affiliations, and a photo will be included. Please note that these lessons are arranged and managed by the instructor and parents alone. Overlee is neither involved nor responsible for private lessons.

When are lessons going to be held? And When do I register?

Please visit the Group Lesson Registration webpage for more information and instructions about online registration.

What do lessons cost?

A Session of group lessons costs $60 for Members, and $75 for Non-Members. There are no refunds once you have been placed in a class, but we will not charge you if we are unable to place your swimmer in a class.

How do I find out if my swimmer has been placed in a class?

Rosters will not be posted on the website due to concerns with privacy and child safety.  You can also check your Online Customer Account.

Who is the Swim Lesson Coordinator, and How do I get in touch with them?

Christina Jeffers has been our Swim Lesson Coordinator for four years. She is available via email (lessons@overlee.org).  The swim lesson coordinator sends out periodic emails updating families signed up for the current or upcoming sessions about changes to times, inclement weather, etc.  Please make sure to sign up using an email address that is checked regularly.